What would you do... What... would... you... do?

If I was on the court and saw this, I’d make a point to move sideways quickly and create contact. It would have to be an automatic technical on the bench. That would be 2 shots and the ball. Plus it would teach Kermit a valuable lesson!!

Still I can’t believe the SEC Officials didn’t fix this issue on their own!!


Oh yeah. I’d knocked him down. Stevie Wonder could see this. And could ref as well as some we’ve had.


Wow, these refs are horrible in the sec.


Visable, obvious blindness or incompetence, but what the heck, we see it every game.


If he would have ran into him they would have called a foul on us


Probably called us for a charge even after a review of the monitor.


That picture needs to be sent to Birmingham, to see what excuse the conference office gives us this week


My wife kept asking why the coach was allowed to be out on the court

I suggested we should run into him

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I like KD, but I would have hip checked his behind into the third row.


Kermit was getting close to Muss territory, but not close to Nolan. He was the master at getting out on the court. I used to think he was going to set a pick. Refs would tell him to back up and he’d claim there wasn’t room.

It is as much of a power struggle game between the coach and the ref as it is coaching the team. Kind of establishing extra territory. And you take as much as they will allow so that they always know you are there.

Plus, there actually isn’t a lot of room between the player’s feet and the sideline.

They would tell Nolan a 2nd time and he’d point to the other bench and say, “You’re not telling him the same thing!”

It’s a game most head coaches play to kind of let the refs know they are there, and are going to be there coaching their team. I’ve seen refs run behind Muss at times.

And once Muss saw Kermit out there, I guarantee you he probably took the same number of steps out there the next trip down on our end because then he has to send the message that he’s just as important and in their ear as Kermit.

Mind games. Always fascinating to watch.


Coaches often get onto the floor, but I’ve never seen one get into a position where his presence could affect play. Doing I when the action is on the other end of the floor is different from guarding an opposing player

Coaches do not belong on the floor unless a player is hurt, this is insane for this to be taking place. My question is where does it end, if a coach steps over that line sideline it should be a technical and a fine on the school every time. I know there’s all kinds of people will have an argument to differ but none holds water. I absolutely hate to see a coach on the court period. WPS


There is not enough room on the sidelines for coaches to not occasionally step on court to coach their team. If we wanted to move the benches back 4 feet or so, then you could be an absolute stickler about the rules. And I guess even have a sideline monitor, if it’s that important to some.

Otherwise, refs are not going to stop coaches from coaching. Our coach steps on the court, as do theirs, in most every game.

Certainly if a coach is in position to disrupt play, then he would likely be warned first and then possibly T’d up.

Obviously, from the picture here, you can tell by where the ref is looking that the ball is on the opposite side of the court. Even with a skip pass from the far corner to Pinion, their coach would have had plenty of time to back out of the way.

It has no effect on the game. But I guess if it gives people something else to complain about, then so be it

That’s Crazy! and they just let him do it.

Just incompetent ref’s! Disregard for the rules just like the review process. They don’t know nor care about doing their job or they would know and enforce the rules. Of course this is also a player safety issue!

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Again, had the ball even been remotely in the same area code as Pinion here, we would have seen an Ole Miss defender (besides Kermit) in the picture.

Much ado about nothing

Is there not a coaches box in the picture that a coach is supposed to be in. A couple of yrs ago the refs gave Jamie Dixon a T for getting out of the box in the sec-big 12 challenge at Walton.

Pinion could get behind him then whichever way he went to retreat back to the bench, cut him off without looking at him, just ignoring him. That would have been acutely embarrassing for Kermit and should certainly draw a T. Globetrotter-esque.

Well, there is only so many points between total incompetency and incompetent and I fear tonight’s available points were already exceed.


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