What would our record have been with a pre-pandemic schedule?

Of course, I’m thrilled with our success and effort this season. Looks like we’ll end up with 4 or 5 wins in a 10 game All-Conference schedule. Wonder what odds you could have gotten against that success in Vegas 2 months ago?

But, consider where we may have ended up had we played our original schedule? Given how we’ve played so far, you’d have to say a 3-5 or 4-4 SEC record would is a very realistic projection. And 3-1 vs. our non-conference foes (losing to ND at their place). That’s 6 or 7 LIKELY wins in year 1 after the dumpster fire he inherited. Most fans would have been very satisfied with 4 wins.

So, we’re a “legit” Bowl team regardless of what the 2020 pandemic season record ends up.

Great job by the coaches and players.

Kent State W
Notre Dame L
Moo U W
Aggies L
Charleston Southern W
Bama L
LSU W??? Until they fix their QB and defensive issues, they’re beatable. Just hope that doesn’t happen in the next two weeks, but once again we get LSU the week after they play Alabama.
Auburn tossup (just like the game last month); that game was originally scheduled last night.

So I could see 5-3 at this point, maybe even 6-2 if the refs don’t give it to Gus again, or 4-4 if we couldn’t handle LSU or Auburn.

Games to come:
Ole Miss W
Misery tossup, maybe we’d have had an edge at the “neutral field” in KC.

A&M game would have been at Arlington. Who knows if that changes things. Kyle Field is one of the few home field advantages in the covid-19 year. AT&T would have been neutral and Arkansas fans would turn out to see a good bunch of Hogs.

Better than it is now, which is already pretty darn good.

I think RRS has been pretty lively in the two games since Georgia. But I would agree that Kyle has been a bigger advantage.

Kyle Field has had more fans inside it. If they’re not under-reporting their attendance, I’d be shocked. At the minimum they’re letting people who are assigned upper deck seats to sit close to the field. It’s complete BS, but it’s A&M so not surprising.

The record with the old slate of games ‘more than likely 5-3!
What’s important and remarkable is 3-3 in an all SEC Slate. Should be 4-2
It’s all gravy and I’m enjoying the pigskin again. Our hogs fight and hustle and play for Coach Pittman and each other! What more could we expect from our hogs?

I thought about that, but - as much as I hate to say it - IMO, based upon what I’ve seen from both teams this season, A&M wins 2 out of 3 on a neutral site, 3 out or 4 at home (against us). As good as the Ags look to be, no shame in that (though I desperately look forward to the day - soon - that we get back on the winning side of that series).

Certainly, we COULD win more games than I projected (that’s why we play the games), and a win in any game wouldn’t stun me at this point. But I was trying to be on the conservative side of realistic. We might have ended up 9-3…but 7-5 is much, much more likely (again, IMO). And I’m thrilled and more than satisfied (this year) at anything more than 3 wins.

While I agree, A&M has a better team this year than our Hogs, and they got to play us at home in a night game. That would have been a tough venue for Bama.

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