What would Dallas-area HS coaches fix about NCAA recruiting? Twitter craze, too-early offers & 'the battle' for control

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Interesting read…thanks for sharing RD.

The coaches are not fond of the AAU 7-on-7 football.

I assume they fear a college basketball type situation in their sport? Richard just how dirty is AAU basketball?

I suspect the header on this thread gives a clue: the battle for control. Football coaches tend to be control freaks and if they can’t control the AAU summer 7-on-7 they won’t like it. The possibility of AAU 7-on-7 getting out of hand is certainly there, but right now it’s just the high school coaches can’t control it.

AAU hoops is quite grimy. Not every program, but a lot of them.

The coaches are worried about people steering the kids the wrong direction with a school paying the handler. The coaches will tell you the AAU people aren’t doing it for free. That’s their thinking.

If any of you remember, Jimbo Fisher got into hot water with Texas high school coaches early in his Aggie tenure when he posed for a news photo with a known 7on7 coach. In Texas 7on7 football has gotten much like summer basketball where teams are put together of talented players who are not high school teammates, and they compete at tournaments just like the summer basketball circuit. The high school coaches do not like what 7on7 football is becoming in Texas. They lose control of the athletes and also takes away from summer team prep for the upcoming season.

Most college coaches won’t admit it, but they hate AAU 7-on-7 too. Just another potential person or two to get to the kid.