What would AD Frank Broyles do?

Aloha Razorback Nation,

I never thought I would ever witness the UA losing to SJS…anywhere…anytime. I fully understand the challenges facing CCM and his staff but losing to SJS is totally unacceptable.
The Hogs lack depth and talent. Got it. Connor Limpert is probably the only UA player worthy of starting for Alabama or Georgia.
However, I do expect the Hogs to be fully prepared and motivated by CCM and his staff. I expect the offensive and defensive schemes and play calling to match the talent and capabilities of the players. I expect maximum physical effort and smart execution by the players.
And I did expect the Hogs to beat SJS.
Is this SJS loss a Citadel moment?
What would Frank do?


Hello Bob, wanna come to Fayetteville and do some consulting work?

Probably not much considering he’s dead

What a terrible response.

I think Frank would say I’ll listen to the fans. If you can’t get them in the stands then you cant be our coach. Pretty simple. Go around the state and do what you got to do to convince them you know what you’re doing. If you can’t do that then you can’t be our coach.

morris said in press conference that we passed 51 times, unacceptable. hey coach, when you get not push from offensive line and there are no holes, quit trying to put a square peg in a round hole. their 3 man front dominated our offensive line. their secondary took away all of Craddocks stock plays.

Frank wouldn’t be happy at all. i think we all know he would be in the face of morris at the least, questioning his staff. But frank was the genius of coaches, he brought in staff member after staff member that went on to bigger and better things. a prestigious award is named after him. who on our staff is coveted by other teams. maybe the receiver coach. only one i can think of that’s doing a decent job.

Frank would be finding the new coach and would be firing Morris at season’s end.

I don’t think Coach Broyles would have let the roster get so bare in the first place! Coach Morris was put in a rebuild! Face the facts. Once we get an Oline that can protect and run block we will be headed in the right direction.

By the way Coach Morris didn’t throw those 5 interceptions last night. He don’t called called for pass interference!
What can we expect when over half the roster is made up of freshmen and redshirt freshmen. They will get better and at least they have some speed!

Nice optimism in this thread. I think there are only 2 coaches on the offensive side of the ball that have proven success of being able to recruit SEC talent and develop them into players. There are 2 other coaches on the offensive side of the ball that i have not seen any proof from their days at other schools to now to develop the talent they have recruited.

First, he would have left at halftime and walked home. That’s what he did any time he was disgusted.

Funny, that’s what I did at halftime. I was so disgusted with their effort, it didn’t make any difference how they came out the second half. Especially after the 183-0 boast by some of the players.

Not enough speed to outrun the San Jose players.

So true, Clay.

I remember at that last Texas game in LR when we were finishing up in the SWC, I was a somewhat recent graduate, so I was in the student section with my friends. Coach Broyles came and sat with and stood with us for most of the first half. Something happened right before half, and he got upset, and left. Not much conversation while he was there, just lots of cheering.

Those too were dark times for Arkansas football, but it was a very happy day as we did beat Texas in our last-ever conference match-up.

Broyles likely would not have hired Coach Morris (he preferred proven coaches with track record) but if he did hire Coach Morris then he likely would have had a conversation at end of last season to upgrade some coaches so there would be a candidate on staff if things got worse this year.

Broyles also had the opportunity to hire Jimmy Johnson as HC & backed out on one of the best coaches in the history of football.

Arkansas has a history of developing some of the greatest coaches, only to watch them achieve success elsewhere.

Frank didn’t hire Jimmy when there was a chance at least twice. Jimmy thought he was going to be hired when Lou Holtz got the job. He thought he would be hired when Ken Hatfield got the job. Now, who knows how it would have gone between Jimmy and Frank if Jimmy had been hired. Maybe the same issues that bothered Frank with Kenny would have been there with Jimmy. Would it have soured? No one knows.

What we do know is that Kenny was the most successful coach in the historyof the program. Highest winning percentage belongs to Kenny, not Frank.

Recruiting at Miami was pretty good. Jimmy won at a high level. Could he have done that at Arkansas?

It’s good for discussion. Maybe he could.

I will say that Jimmy did not do well at Oklahoma State by comparison to what he did at Miami. Would recruiting at Arkansas been similar to what he did at Oklahoma State? The issues with recruiting violations were real and clear at Oklahoma State. Pat Jones got to face that after Jimmy left. I saw it up close and personal because I covered Oklahoma State.