What will win the SEC?

The old formula of win at home and half on the road would be 14-4…two winnable road games next week so need those. Tough stretch in January @Florida, @Georgia, @A&M over a two week period. As many good teams as there are in conference 12-6 may be enough this year…

I think 14-4 is what it will take to win the SEC this year. I really believe this team has a very good chance at winning the SEC. We have 2 outstanding senior guards that can win games, experience in the front court, and a freshman big man that has elite talent. I would love to see us win both road games that are coming up this week, but as long as we at least spilt them then we will be in good shape in the SEC standings.

I don’t believe 12-6 gets it done. Maybe 13-5 but more likely 14-4. This may sound crazy but I don’t see Kentucky as the real threat! I see Florida, Texas A&M, Alabama and Arkansas as more of a threat to win It!
Georgia may even contend. Tennessee will continue to find ways to throw games away late.
There are a few teams in the SEC we need to avoid losing too it would kill our resume for the Dance. Moo U, Ole Miss and Vandy.
I also should have put LSU in that group.

I said at the beginning of the year I thought Arkansas would win conference this year. I looked at Kentucky, Florida, A&M, and Alabama and I didn’t see any team that was clearly dominate and most of them are really young.

The teams you see thrive (unless it’s like Duke or Kentucky stacked with one and dones) are usually older teams with good guard play. We have exactly that. Barford and Macon are doing what I expected, I thought both would have First Team All SEC years and so far they are. I think we’re a 12-13 win team in conference and I think that will get it done this year. I don’t see any team this year having less than 5 losses in conference.

Rpiforecast.com predicts a 12-6 SEC record for the Hogs. That’s the same record they forecast for the Aggies and Jellycats. I’d take a co-championship. Wallets are picked 11-7, EOE-K and Misery 10-8. Corndogs and Rebnecks are picked co-last at 6-12.

Translation: We’re in for a two-month war. No easy games.

I would guess 15-3. It could be that 14-4 is good enough. But generally one team gets hot. I have not looked at all the schedules to see if there is any unbalanced slates.

“I would guess 15-3. It could be that 14-4 is good enough. But generally one team gets hot. I have not looked at all the schedules to see if there is any unbalanced slates.“

I haven’t looked at others but I like ours. No trip to Lexington, Knoxville, or Nashville. One game with Florida.

We have the Aggies twice, Kentucky and Florida once. This is the year we would be better off playing Florida and Kentucky twice! If we hold serve and protect home court we can win it. I would like to see Kentucky get hammered today by Georgia and the mighty Greaseball “Cats” go on a 5 to 6 game skid South. With all of his NBA talent he is a joke as a coach.
Beating A&M is the key.

League is supposedly more balanced this year than ever. Winning on the road will be tough. I think 12-6 wins the league.

I’d take a split with the Aggies. I think their schedule is a little tougher than ours (two with Kentucky, Misery and Bama).

I agree I don’t see any team dominating and winning 14 or 15 games in the league this season. I think any team getting to 13 wins this year is going to be a tough task. The “favorites” to win the conference already have 2, 3, and 4 losses on their record and it’s not even January.

That’s the way I see it. I’m not sure any team will separate themselves from the pack. It should be a fun season in the SEC.