What will SEC do

about LSU? I just can’t imagine LSU being allowed to keep all those wins this year and represent SEC in the NCAA Tournament!


LSU being in the tournament means money, whether they have to vacate the wins or not, they’ll play for the money.

Unless LSU self-punishes, which ain’t going to happen, they’ll keep the wins, get in the tournament, then get to vacate everything later – and give back the tournament money.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Guilty and caught only awaiting punishment. Even after holding Smart out for the Vandy game they probably have 3 more players that got paid. This won’t be the only SEC team that ends up right in the middle of the cross hairs in this scandal.

I hope LSU follows the route to sue and name Will Wade as a willing partisans along the the shoe guys, the want to be agent and the runner from the AAU circuit.
Let all of these dirt bags get a felony conviction. That’s my hope.
Maybe if the it rolls all the way from the top to the bottom and everyone involved has to pay out of their own pocket some eyes might open up!

LSU will be right where they were just 2 years ago. They knew when they hired Will Wade he had already been investigated by the NCAA and under their crosshairs. Win at all cost don’t work.
Welcome back to reality.

Naz Reid has been cleared to play in the SECT; it’s not entirely clear whether that clearance is from the SEC or the doctors. According to the interim coach, Reid had concussion like symptoms and that’s why he was held out against Vandy. They still don’t know about Wade, or about Javonte Smart.

I’m sure Reid is another payed player.

His concussion is the best result of excessive worry and headaches worried about being the next one named in the pay to play scandal.
Like the price is right! I sure didn’t notice him leave the Florida game hurt! I could have missed it.