What will next year’s team look like?

Seems we lose a lot of seniors and folks on D in particular.

Yeah I suspect we will fall back a bit and lots of folks will think Sam can no longer coach…


Come on Doc - after the turnaround we’ve seen do you think anyone (other than a few idiots, certainly not ’ lots’) will think that?

Idiots is the right term. No matter how far we “slide back” it will never ever be as bad as the dark ages of Morris…and we’ll always see hope and a hard working team. The culture has changed and the recruiting will stay on pace or get better.

There are good young players in the program that are gaining experience in the program.


It’s the idiots I am referring too

And I think there are more than a few of them

Oh, it’s ok. We educate folks as we go. Some can’t be helped. Some learn. History teaches us lessons, one of them that it’s not good to post late at night after a few drinks. That’s when I see some of the strange stuff that probably indicates they are uneducated. Maybe the drink makes them braver. Again, its ok. Don’t take it too serious.

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Thanks for ruining my coffee, bush. :unamused:

Logged on first thing this morning to revel in the continued euphoria of our wildly-successful football season, only to discover a poster already lamenting a possible step back next season. :pensive:

J/K … sorta! :wink:

While we may slip a bit on Defense, I suspect our Offense and special teams could be even better. And then there is the portal and the grad transfer rule. Our Defense certainly got a big boost there this year, and we should be a very inviting landing spot for talented players looking for a place to play their final year.

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I know exactly what next year’s team will look like: Fighting Razorbacks.


One reason I’m so happy that Sam, Dave, and Eric are all good buddies. Van Horn and Muss have to be the best pair of head coaches in the country at navigating the transfer portal. And now Sam seems to have been picking their brains, as he’s also done a great job with transfers this season.

Sorry, I may have left off the best head coach of all of them in navigating the Portal, in Mike Neighbors. Let’s just say, we’ve got the best coaching foursome in the country when it comes to transfers.


I prefer to think of them as relocation specialists!


Players come and players go. Rebuilding years happen. As Clay said, our current underclassmen are learning. I have no doubt at all about Sam’s recruiting (of players, but also of talented assistants, some of which are going to get hard looks from teams looking for a HC or Coordinator).

I feel like the program is on the rise.

Right this second, I’m luxuriating (wallowing?) in being ranked 8th in the country and the opportunity to potentially beat #2.

Sam always gives credit to his coaches. Brags on them all the time. He has an eye for talent (players/coaches/ support staff) reminds me of J Frank Broyles. His reputation among coaches is growing daily. His off season coach changes were brilliant. This will serve him well when coaches leave for head jobs or co-ordinator jobs.

I’m basking in the moment. And being thankful for Hunter and Sam.


I’ve thought the same thing. lose 3 stud LBers, Catalon and Mo Brown, 55 and maybe ridgeway. lose cunningha and Wagner, treylon smith and Burks, Warren and Kern.

But…returning a seasoned Jefferson is a HUGE deal, he’s getting better every single game, right in front of our eyes. VERY fun to watch the big man.

3 stud TB’s back. 3 talented frosh WRs and the FSU transfer. TE will haev to be upgraded, not sure how CSP wil do it, but it wont be hard to upgrade our TE play-at east so far this season.

OL-we seem to be loaded with LARGE, TALENTED young ,OL. several young studs on DL. same for secondary.

Kicker is back.

I guess LB will be the biggest question mark next season.

as long as CSP and Odom return, we know they wll play HARD and make us proud .

btw-I’m typing with about a 2 second delay, so sorry this is so sloppy.


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I hate when that happens. :angry:

There looks to be help on the way at TE. Maybe not immediately, but the recruiting at that position looks good.

The vision of the Head Hog is ahead of us all. Too often, fans are focused on the minutaie of week-to-week games. Pittman is too, but he also has a vision into the future that few of us see. Ben Zander, the country’s finest leadership guru (and second place is way in the rearview mirror), notes that leaders see the “long line” like the bird that flies over the fields, not paying attention to the fence posts passing beneath.

When you have a true leader (Pittman clearly is) the sustaining energy won’t wane. The vision won’t shift. It generates its own energy propelling the program forward.

That is not about wins and losses. A true leader doesn’t get hung up in wins and losses, really. This is about making sure we are progressing down the “long line” of Pittman’s vision for UA football.

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At this time last year I had no idea who Ridgeway or Utsey or Tre Williams was.

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Question was not meant to be depressing or de motivating.

This is a great program on the rise with great coaches.

I know there are some great players coming up.

I believe we are losing some linebackers for instance but believe we have some good ones coming up.

Was a question to those who know personnel better than myself.