What will next year be like?

Hard to put roughly 30 or more new faces on the field and expect much but if there is fight in new pups it might be fun to watch.

Hard to be much worse than most season losses in history going back to 1898.

I just want to see some fight befitting a proud program again.

Remember 2008

Lots of young playmakers - season started very rough but young pups started gaining confidence about mid season and ended 5-7 with a win over LSU.

Hopeful the young WRs and TE are as talented as we think, improve over the course of the year, and that we get to 5 wins or if we’re lucky somehow 6-6.

I tend to think it will be a huge step forward, myself.
We have a big culture change coming in and it’s several years behind schedule but finally here.

I’m banking on an infusion of talent, departure of those who are not all in, and a slightly more favorable schedule to get us to 5 or 6 wins.

From the toilet the hogs currently sit in complete the flush and paperwork’. It will be better with players that want to play. If they show effort and fight it will be better.
5-7 is my initial thought. That’s totally dependent on QB play and development of the OL. With Santos gone it should improve tackling on the back end as well as coverage.
Just showing the will to fight would be an improvement.

Depends on the qb. We’ve seen what this coach will do w a young qb. Just look at the Tulsa game. Beyond conservative.

Maybe we can get to 40 percent of the offense next year. Lol

Face it, our offense was a joke period. If we’re a power spread team, we’ll you gotta have offensive linemen for that and we don’t have it and so far have not recruited those types this year. That being said I think the offensive line recruiting will step up next year. We need to sign 5 at least for the next 2 to 3 years.

If we have Bryant, or a transfer or juco qb we might can win 6. Nolan has the arm to run the offense but coaches don’t have enough confidence or moxie to let him let it rip.

Depending on how many newbies are here in spring & healthy we should see improvement, but we can’t kid ourselves, basically starting from scratch again.