What will it take

To get our offense going? It’s apparent we aren’t scoring points. Better play calling? Take more risks? Trick plays?

Of course we all know the talent leaves a lot to be desired, especially on offensive line. But what can coaches do to help this team get some points on the board?

My thought is to run more 4 and 5 wideouts and really spread the field. Incorporate the quick 4 and 5 yard short passes to negate the rush. North Texas and auburn blitzed most every pass attempt. Might also allow a rb to pop through a hole for big yardage. And please use the middle of the field some at least.

More thoughts?

Aside from calling more quick hitters, I don’t know what can be done to mask the deficiencies on the offensive line. Arkansas tried a trick play against North Texas and the ball barely made it to the quarterback before the defensive ends.

Playing Ole Miss and Tulsa might help the scoreboard, but I don’t see it getting much better the next couple of weeks because of the size and speed on the opposing defenses.

Let’s see what the Offense can do now that the Oline played a game together and Ty gets more comfortable. I think we will be much better when we play Ole Miss. We don’t need any slow developing trick plays. We need to run slants into the area vacated by blitzing LBs and Safeties to reduce the blitzes.

I think we need to accept the fact that these Wr’s aren’t going to blow by anyone in the SEC and need to start trying to MOVE THE CHAINS and try to hit the HR once we get them thinking that way.

I have said all along we need to be throwing slants,crossing routes, 3 wide bunch sets(with all 3 going different directions to confuse the D) wheel routes,screens,RB chip and release,TE curls all these are quick passes and almost impossible to get sacks against(this us what NT does) this OL is not good and is not going to hold blocks very long.The quicker we figure this out the better this offense will look…just MOVE THE CHAINS!!

Adapt and recruit.

We just need a better Oline…that’s the main thing that needs to improve to get our offense going. It’s that simple.

And this…very well.