What will it be like after today if Walsh

Says he’s coming to Arkansas?

Two 5 stars in the same class.
One of them from out of state.

My first (sports) love is basketball. If Walsh says he’s a hog today I may cry a little!


You’re not the only one, brother. We would have the #2 class in the country and 2 probable McDonald’s AAs. As much as this program means to guys like us, a few tears are justified. Go Hogs!


I’ve already started the water works brother! We can all have a good cry together. Drove my wife crazy last night talking to her about this class and this program!


Yes sir, include me also

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My wife plays along like she’s interested but I know the real deal…lol


Last time I shed tears about a sports event was April 4, 1994. It will probably take the same thing to get them flowing again. Which means the closest I’ve come since then was June 27, 2018.

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I can still clearly see the 3 guys standing in a circle as the foul ball drops to the ground in the middle of their circle! :angry:

I remember crying when I thought we had lost against Louisville in 1981 at the NCAA tourney.

I was 14 and my mother and I watched every game together. She would scream at the tv all game.

I just knew we had lost and I was walking to the door to go outside. I kept watching the tv as I was walking. U.S. hit that shot and I just collapsed onto the couch balling my eyes out. My younger cousin thought my mom and me were insane.

The life of a Razorback fan…gotta love it!


Nightmare is how it feels.

I cried in the stands in Charlotte in 94 and teared up when we won to get to the Elite 8 which tells me that because of Muss and the coaches and the players and what they are doing I am back in completely!!! I love college basketball and I LOVE THE HOGS and have the tattoo I got after 94 win to prove it!


Hang in there brother…sometimes speaking to a set of ears and getting a blank stare back is better than speaking to ears and being told to hush or grow up or etc……haha. I know your feeling!


I just wish Eric Cole would have called for that foul Ball. He had the best chance to catch. Carson Shaddy over ran it and it was and still is a night mare!

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Well, we got him. No tears here in the other Fayetteville, but I’m very pleased.


Unbelievable. Senor Davenport said to let it play out and I tried my best and it paid off. Unreal.

I got home right at 5 and ran to the bathroom and locked the door to watch the Instagram thing so that no one would bother me! Tears of joy! My wife left me alone and I told her the news when I came out. I think she has come around to caring! Unreal!


Soon as he announced for the Hogs my phone rang and I had to answer. Man I was frustrated.

I can not believe the way things are going for hog basketball!

I lived through some rough times of being left at the alter. The first one that I ever experienced was Penny Hardaway. I have a personal story about Penny’s recruitment. I will share it if anyone is interested one day.


Great to hear you are upright sir and breathing……what a great day to be a Hog fan for sure!

Would love to know just how much he was paid to go there!

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