What will be Burks 40 time

I am thinking around 4.47 will be interesting to see if he has dropped some weight to get even faster…will find out tomorrow

I am thinking 4.4-4.41. I have read where one site had him around like 4.37-4.39 if he could get out of the blocks fast. His best speed is when he hits the 10 yard marker then he gone! It’s the first 10 and getting out of the blocks that could make a huge difference! He goes sub 4 he is for sure 1st round and maybe one of top 3 WR’s off board! Very A.J Brown like when watching him.

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I would love to see that and yes the start is crucial for him to get his best time.


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Was he ever tracked down from behind once he got going? I think he can hit a sub 4.4 based on the evidence on the field- assuming he can learn how to get out of the blocks.

Remember that back shoulder throw against Bama after which he pulled away from their 5-star 4.3 DBs? He’s plenty fast.

Exactly! Burks seemed to be as fast as he needed to be. Love that guy!

I think it will be a around a 4.50 40. He is fast, but not quick.

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When does he run??

Later today. This link will be updated with 40 times for all WRs.

Sporting News website had a quote from Burks earlier that he tries to pattern his versatility after Deebo Samuel of the Poultry/49ers.

They are showing quarterbacks receivers on the NFL Network now

Apparently the WRs are doing bench presses first. Nothing yet for Burks there.

yeah TE’s are running 40’s now.

Burks measured in 6’2 225 Hand 9 7/8 which is surprising with all the talk of how huge his hands were. Burks had a 33-in vertical…

That is surprising on his hand size. I know some of that is based on how flexible your hands are. I think Brandon Allen was able to increase his measurement by an inch or two by doing a lot stretches. Makes you wonder if Burks could increase his measurement as well.

Receivers are just now about to start their field work

Yeah we’ve always just been told that he had huge hands and that they really couldn’t get the size he wanted in gloves so he just squeezed into the biggest they had. Seems like I had heard his hands were bigger than that though but I guess this is the legit measurement

Burks first 40 time was a scratch then 4.55. I think the fall start kind of messed him up a little bit then right as he was about to run again one of the coaches was hollering at somebody over there to move so he had to back off the line again.

He is not doing the bench press today…

He ran a 4.50 on his second attempt. But you have to remember Jerry Rice also ran a 4.5 LOL.

4.5 is awesome for a 225 lb receiver. Jerry Rice was 200 lb.

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Treyon is clearly not comfortable in the blocks. His first few steps are a little erratic. He appears to be among the fastest players from the 20 to the 40, and probably among the slower players from the blocks to the 20.

I still don’t understand why they don’t use a standing start for all the RBs and WRs just like in a game.


Well he’s the biggest guy there that I’ve seen so it tough to just explode out of the blocks at that weight I would think. He will be a nightmare to tackle after the catch as we have seen.