What were other options aside from JL Smith

I’m strictly asking from a historical perspective. Aside from Paul P or Horton leading the team what other contingencies were serious options?

Fulmer from Tenn was in the mix, but he wanted longer contract than 1 year.
Jeff Long wouldn’t even discuss that I guess. Probably missed the boat there big time.

Phil Fulmer would have taken the job, but he wanted a multi-year contract.

I said at the time that Arkansas should’ve hired Brian Kelly away from Cincinnati. He had done nothing but win ever since he got into coaching at every level and he would have probably been at Arkansas long term if not still here.
So we didn’t hire him and a couple years later he is hired by Notre Dame and he’s been there ever since and Notre Dame has had a solid program even with the academic levels they have which hurt his recruiting.
Instead, Arkansas hires Petrino we get two real good seasons and a BCS bowl berth and then he literally drives the football program into a ditch which we still find ourselves trying to get out of almost a decade later.
The issue is vision from the folks that make the decisions and we can only hope they are more clear eyed this time around.

Go Hogs!

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Not firing Petrino.