What we saw and learned in Arkansas' spring practices

With Arkansas’ spring football practices coming to a close this week, a review of the top moments and sequences, and players who stood out and are in position to make an impact in 2022:


Great info Scottie! I’m now getting excited about next year and your analysis helps me feel more knowledgeable about key players. I’ll be interested to hear your take on how the O Line has meshed and developed when you get to that. Thanks…

It’s kind of hard for me to say on the O-line right now because Dalton Wagner and Ricky Stromberg were not available/active for most of the practices I saw. They were held out as a precaution. Them missing time allowed Cody Kennedy to experiment with Brady Latham, who played each position at some point, Luke Jones and others. I would say Jones is the leader at LT, and Latham at LG. Ty’Kieast Crawford made a push for time at RT. Crawford has attributes that are hard to find. Henderson got reps at center, too, so that could potentially be valuable.

Didn’t sound like Sam Pittman was concerned about the group overall even with the D-line getting praise for making plays. The group is in good hands. Get Stromberg back and it changes the complexion of the line for the better.

Thanks Scottie. If the O Line is as good as we all hope, and it appears it could be, our Offense should be outstanding. Can’t wait!

Add one more experienced hoss at DT and we will make some noise,

That was good stuff, Scottie, thank you!


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