What? We play the winner of Florida and Auburn???

That’s what was just announced on the Florida - Auburn game.

I thought we’d get Texas. That’s what was announced all along.

I just asked the same thing. I’m confused.

They had the bracket messed up. Arkansas plays Texas.

Thats got to be another ESPN screwup

saw that too…confusing. were they talking about game two?

It is NCAA just tweeted we play Texas. As I’m writing they showed the correct one, we get Texass

they fixed it,

I’m confused a little about the bracket.
That’s just pitiful. Change a bracket. Oh well I thought we get Texas first game.
Now they showed it right. We do play Texas. I hope we beat the Longhorns.

Yeah . . . I posted that too . . . in this thread. But somehow, it isn’t showing up.

Doesn’t matter now - everyone knows it at this point (I hope). I guess there were so many things being posted at the same time that my prior post got “lost” in cyberspace.