What we learned tonight

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Matt, live-rpi.com, which has been pretty close to the NCAA list all year, has us #37 at the moment after the win. Could improve further if Bama comes back to beat Misery.

Just did not think we had that in us. That was the best we have played in two years. Thomas and Thompson played better than they ever have. Big win and a start to where we need to be.

Very satisfying!

Dustin Thomas is too loose with the ball out front he has had the ball at the top of the in the last 2 games where he has just given the ball away for layups ! That’s what I’d like to see him improve on. Other than that he had a good game. I thought Trey made an impact big time 2 steals at just the right time! Dusty was determined to take the team to the win. Bardford is an animal when he decides to score. Moses finally posted up down low and scored. Maybe the light will go off and he’ll keep that in his game plan early in ball games.
Manny had a remarkable shot go down that held the lead and then it was Macon on the line. We shot the ball really well tonight against a good team. Beard was sick tonight. When we get a point guard we will improve. At times late game we have dribbled to much and not ran our offense sometime we don’t even get a shot. I’m proud of the win. Get 5 more and go into the SEC tournament as the 4 seed. Although playing one night earlier could give us a win. If we could pull it off.