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and none of it was good.

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This team is a team in name only. Very very selfish. There were times when Dusty was open on the wing and the guy with the ball would just dribble or pass the opposite direction. That includes Manny who has always been a beat slow with his passes.

I found myself screaming at the tv, give him the ball. He is the best at creating a viable shot.
I will not comment on Mr ice in his “brain”.

Looks like almost all of them hate one another. This is what you get when you recruit a bunch of the same types of players and force them to compete with each other to play the same roles. This team has no facilitator, no appropriate wing player, a four playing the five and nobody capable at the four. And a massive overload of shoot-first scoring guards. That is how you can have too much depth and not enough at the same time.

I don’t understand the turning on Daryl Macon, who arguably has helped Arkansas to as many wins as anybody this season.

He is possibly our most talented player, and one of few guys with potential to be the leader we desperately need. If criticizing the coach or anyone else is fair game, then it is reasonable to question daryls effort and attitude from the actions we have seen on the floor. I would love to know what his attitude and actions are off the floor, but I dont know. I do know with great ability comes great responsibility. He is most responsible for many games we have won and he is also most responsible for games we lost. By no means does that mean I think he is not one of our best players.

There is weird dynamic between Moses and the guards. There is a weird dynamic between Dusty and the team. I see frustration with other players when Dusty’s defense sucks and causes them to have to react. Sadly nobody is very good at defense. Macon is our best player capable of leading but he is in a funk. Barford is close to Macon for best player but he doesn’t have the leadership personality to quickly pull the team together.

I disagree about Macon, because he was the stud early in the season. The team chemistry is not working but the coaches are paid to know their team and make changes. Something happened in the last 2 weeks that has made everybody play like crap while Barford is now stepping up more. Sadly Barford is stepping up while his team mates have become dysfunctional. NObody is playing the trapping defense like they should. These kids look like they were sold on fastest 40 and thought it would be fun and gun basketball, but have found that our 90’s style defense doesn’t work against good P5 teams. It looks like the frustration and realization has set in. It’s almost like the way our FB Defense just gave in to the frustration with the Robb Smith defense.