What we learned last night

Tennessee is vastly overrated. They were lucky to win. Same team we demoralized last year. Butch Jones better have his agent on alert. Pitiful offense and defense wasn’t much better. If that is best in the east, then the east is very weak. South Carolina and Vandy, well neither have an offense. Ugly game. Vandy might have the worst college offense I’ve seen in quite some time. Mason will probably be a defensive coordinator for a power 5 school after this year. I don’t think that any of those 3 teams could win many if any games against the west division. Hope our guys watched the Tennessee game. I hope our game tomorrow is nothing like that game. That being said I think the spread is too high for our matchup. But sure would be nice if we were dominant against La. Tech

Also…like I have always said…pressure Dobbs and he will make bad decisions and make mistakes. The book on TN is stop the run and make Dobbs beat you with the pass and I don’t know if how well he can do that

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that ending spark a rule change in which the ball cannot be advanced into the end zone on a fumble. It just seems like a cheap way to score. I remember Arkansas had a similar play in that big comeback against Texas A&M in 2011.

No one on TV talked about it, so perhaps I didn’t see it correctly, but it looked to me as though the ball at least touched the plane of the EZ before it came loose. But since it wasn’t 4th down & Tenn recovered it, it didn’t matter. However, cheap or not, I think the rule is a good one–if it’s not 4th down & not an intentional forward fumble, a ball recovered by the O in the EZ should be a TD. What’s the option? Put it on the one or the place from where the fumble occurred? I guess so, but I have no problem with the rule as it now exists.

The replays I saw were pretty conclusive (IMO) that the ball was a few inches short of the goal line when the fumble occurred - probably 4 to 6 inches. Not a lot, but enough to be pretty clear.

BTW, I loved the hit the App State defender put on Dobbs - just as the QB was reaching the ball to try and get it over the Goal-line, the defender speared Dobbs squarely between the numbers with a classic form tackle (I say “speared”, because that was the effect; but it was perfectly legal because he led with his face-mask), virtually impaling him and causing the fumble. Meanwhile, Dobbs ended up on his back at the 3 yard line with the shape of his body embedded into the turf.

I think you can see what I’m talking about in the picture below, although it was taken at an angle . . . I believe even at this angle, it’s pretty clear that the ball is about over the butt of the tackler, and you can also see that said butt is further away from the goal than the defender’s feet, which are on about the 1 foot line. This picture was made at the moment the defender impacted Dobbs, and the QB did not advance any further after contact - in fact, the went “backwards with prejudice” immediately afterward.

That’s what I would propose - put it back at the spot of the fumble and play the next down.

And the added eyes for replay come from Birmingham this will be an interesting angle to watch as the season rolls along

Pun intended

The Vol win streak at the end of last season was mainly about their schedule weakening. That said, I wouldn’t assume that App. St. is a complete pushover.

Wiz, I am right there with you regarding your appreciation for the tackle that App State defender put on Josh Dobbs. That was 3rd down and if wasn’t for an unfortunate stroke of luck, that defender would have made good and sure Dobbs didn’t cross the goal line. Just a perfect form tackle that drove Dobbs several yards directly back. That is how you make a tackle, specifically at the goal line. App. State gave it all they hand and have nothing to hang their heads about, especially with regards to their effort. Tennessee on the other hand, well, that’s a different story.