What we learned from tonight's win

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Matt and I combo’d on this. Will start working on observations now. What a game.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Don’t use the ESPN RPI, not when the real thing is available. And the real thing had us at 31 this morning – and still does because it won’t be updated until tomorrow:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball … etball-rpi”>http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball-men/d1/ncaa-mens-basketball-rpi</LINK_TEXT>

I have no idea what ESPN is doing with their formula that the NCAA isn’t, but as long as the committee isn’t using the ESPN formula… Live-rpi.com also had us at 31 this morning and 28 now, so that seems to be a good predictor for where the NCAA list will be tomorrow.

I’ll change that. I wrote that section, not Jimmy.

Matt, Matt, Matt… :smiley:

Fellow HOGS, great win tonight. I was in attendance, thanks to my good friend with Vandy season tickets ( probably won’t get invited back). I became disgusted during the Vandy run in the 2nd half but also told my buddy that fatigue makes cowards out of even the home team. I know that is not an original quote but for sure it is true. I believe that the reason that DH excels in the 2nd half is because he is still fresh and his guard is sucking air, certainly was true tonight. While historic, Memorial needs to be bulldozed!! What a dump. This is not my first visit to Memorial and probably will not be my last but it will make you proud of our facilities. CMA has done a good job melding this crew into a team, they are a gutsy bunch. Peyton was average but will become their point in the future. I might add, this is the worst officiated game that I have seen in a while, both sides not a homer. Memorial was maybe half full tonight, be interested to see what is reported and as usual, the Vandy crowd is a late arrival. In any event, great road win for the Hogs, WPS.

One thing we learned is these Hogs don’t quit.

Good win! It would be nice to see that last 5 minutes for the full 40

Lot to ask but I would take 30 mins like that last 5.
On second thought if it takes the last 5 mins like that to keep us winning I’ll settle.

I have been critical of this team’s defense this year but I thought the defensive pressure was good in this game, especially at the end. What I find odd is that our defense seems to be better on the road this year. Do we relax too much at home? I don’t know. Hopefully we can keep it up in Stillwater.

it is always impressive to win on the road
especially at vandy
especially when behind

nice to see the grit.

keep it rollin