What was your favorite Arkansas-Texas game?

The first-of-February game in 1978 that landed Sidney Moncrief on the cover of Sports Illustrated. That game made my teen-age self wonder why Marvin Delph couldn’t score 30 points in every game. Against an opponent that played classic man-to-man, Delph hit shots from everywhere and every range. It was the first time I had ever seen a college basketball player score 30. Moncrief got the cover, but Delph was the hoss that day.

That was one of those games at Barnhill in which the Razorbacks fell far behind and rallied to win. That was a quality of Arkansas basketball that I came to accept. We might struggle, but we always could come back. Never give up.

The Arkansas-Texas series was fiercely competitive for the next few years, when Abe Lemons had the Longhorns in the top 20. But it’s hard to top 1990, when Arkansas won a 109-100 game at Barnhill, beat Texas in the Strollin’ Nolan game at Austin, then handled the Horns in the elite eight to reach the Final Four. Tom Penders had brought that guard-centric, high-scoring style to Texas, and Nolan seemed to take it as a personal challenge.

My favorite, though, was the last time Arkansas and Texas met as members of the SWC. It was at Reunion Arena in the final of the 1991 SWC tournament. Texas came in 22-7, ranked 23rd, while Arkansas was 30-3 and ranked No. 5.

I remember Nolan saying he wanted to give Texas and the whole SWC a goodbye kiss, or something like that. And it was a slaughter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU6kYgRPepE

Back in the day when we were disappointed at winning only three games in the NCAAT.


EZ question for me…The “Strolling Nolan” game where Mayberry hit the long 3 to force OT. I was a student on the Hill at the time and that was awesome!

Thanks for the video link, that was great!

Both games mentioned above rank neck n neck for me. Have to say blowing out that TX team at Barnhill was memorable though, due to my disdain for the Longhorns period.
Basketball at Barnhill was about as thrilling as it gets.

Not sure why the 1980 SWC regular season game against Texas in Fayetteville rarely gets mentioned among all time great Arkansas-Texas games. It’s the one where U.S. Reed drove the length of the floor and hit a 15-footer as the buzzer sounded to be the Longhorns and one of my all-time favorite coaches to hate, Abe Lemons, 60-59. The roar in Barnhill was so loud it woke up my roommate in Gregson Hall.

A year later, Reed hit his famous half-courter to beat Louisville in the NCAA tournament in a game played at Texas’ giant Drum. When that game ended, a clearly inebriated Lemons told reporters, “I have seen that shot before.”

Not sure what year it was, but we were playing them in Reunion Arena in Dallas in the SWC finals. Mayberry, Day, & Miller team. Our seats were in the upper deck, but we came down after halftime and had seats at midcourt. We were beating them bad late in the game and a couple of Longhorn fans were sitting in front of us and one of them said, “I hate the f------ Hogs.” It was priceless and needless to say, I enjoyed it!!!

One of my favorites hearkens back to my teen-age years and so I am a little fuzzy but was in the days prior to the shot clock: the 1979 SWC championship game in which the Hogs beat the Horns, 39-38. I didn’t get to see it but listened to it on the radio. It was Sidney Moncrief’s final year with Scott Hastings and U.S. Reed. They beat Texas, who had one player score 21 of their 38 points. Don’t know the quality of the game, but it was close throughout and, as the score indicated, came down to the final possession. But that’s about as far as my fuzzy memory takes me.

I can still see Nolan strolling, that was one of my all time favorite.

'91 SWC Championship second. There was also a game, maybe '82 or '83, when Abe and Darrell Walker almost got into it. I was like 9 or 10. Don’t remember the details. Anyone remember that one?

I also remember in '89 when MayDay were freshmen, we went to Austin at the beginning of league play and beat them. Don’t think we were favored. I remember the late Larry Marks had a big game in that one. Got us off to a good start and we never looked back winning the league.

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