What was the untold story on Byers?

Seems there was some stuff that couldn’t be talked about back then, but would one day be told. He looks pretty good.

I seem to remember that he was a risk not to qualify academically until after the start of his senior season. Arkansas held off and then offered too late. He went to Missouri with a couple of high school teammates.

He seems like a pretty good player. Normal to miss but when the kid is in Fayetteville that stinks.

One of those teammates was Harold Horton’s grandson - Barrett Banister. He caught a pass in first half.

Story is A prime example of bielema a failures.

Rather play it safe with guys who have no business in the SEC, while mizzou steals a quality SEC talent from our backyard.

Byers had committed to Alabama initially, but didn’t qualify before signing day. Somehow he qualified in April after signing day and landed at Mizzou.

There was a lot of drama involving Byers, originally committed to Bama ( whether it was genuine or not?), we wouldn’t pull the trigger bc of grades & other off field issues. Then Bama backed off as well later on. We offered late (maybe), but rest is history.

Bama didn’t take him because he wasn’t qualified in February. Then he got his needed ACT score after signing day and wound up at Mizzou with Powell and Banister.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://usatodayhss.com/2017/four-star- … o-missouri”>https://usatodayhss.com/2017/four-star-2017-dl-and-former-alabama-commit-akial-byers-headed-to-missouri</LINK_TEXT>

It was not just grades

Dude had some issues

Congrats to him, but I don’t count that as one of CBB’s misses

those issues haven’t kept him from being a solid SEC player.

When that comes out of your backyard, I personally count that as a miss. A big miss looking at our DL depth.

To each his own.

But I dealt with him a lot and was not impressed with the way he went about things

Had issues and things y’all really can’t talk about. Sometimes just refused to practice in HS. Grades were bad. Attitude bad. There was a reason Bama passed.

But, when we do it it’s a miss to some.

I believe Byers missed an entire year of HS football for “issues.”

That is enough for me.

He was not “uncommon”