What was the thinking on that

tag up? Oh wait, never mind.

Forced the guy to make a play, and he made it. Would have been nice if it was about 20 feet deeper. On to Hoover.

It didn’t work, but if he doesn’t go & he’s left stranded at 3rd, we’d have second guessed keeping him there. It took a perfect throw. The kid made it. Hats off to him, but we are indeed snake bit on the road.

Don’t think we can count on Bama to win again tonight.

It was the right call to sending the guys momentum carrying toward the line he just made a great throw chances of him making it again or probably very slim but he sure made it then

Where was the deep fly ball? Wasn’t a good time to test the arm. It wasn’t that deep. Don’t know if it would have made much difference with runner on third and two outs. Hits for us were hard to come by. Don’t need a hit to tie. Just needed something deeper than shallow left field.
Another one run loss on the road to lose the series. Hard to believe as good as this team is that we could not win ONE road series.

I liked the call. Make them make a play. Ump was calling pitches 6 inches in and up. McFarland hasn’t hit in a long time.

It was a great play by the LF and C. Looked to me like C dropped it and picked up off the ground but I was watching on a phone and it was hard to see. I guess not since we didn’t challenge.

Well, I’’m sure the deep fly was what he had in mind. He missed by whatever fraction of an inch it took to get the ball 20 feet deeper.

We’ve been jinxed on all our 2 & 3rd road games this season, but it’s not like we’ve played poorly in them. We lost by 1 in 10 last night & lost by 1 with a runner thrown out at home in the 9th today. Sucks, but it’s baseball. Maybe we’ll get some good breaks when it really counts over the next month.

Every team needs some breaks to get to Omaha and even more do to win a CWSNC!