What was the "tapping his wrist" gesture that Jones did -----------

------------ after the second three? It looked like he was doing it to the crowd like he is tapping his wrist watch, maybe a “crunch time” gesture. One of the assistant coaches was eating him out about it like they were afraid it would generate a technical. Was he just going off in a celebration like he did at Georgia Tech?

Didn’t see it, but likely to show ice water in his veins.

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I think that’s “ice water in my veins” but maybe someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

It is Damian Lillard’s signature celebration when he hits crunch time threes. For Lillard, it has come to represent, “Dame Time” as he is known for late game heroics.

That’s what Damian Lillard does when he hits crunch time shots. It’s called Dame time.

Coach Crutch was afraid he was going to get a tech.

Jones has been a killer this year! Love the dude.

Dame Time is fine with me. Mason Jones time is fine, too. I especially liked the way Isaiah Joe drained those free throws. No turnovers in the last minute like at Western Kentucky.


Good pint comparing this road game to WKY! The turnovers and missing free throws cost in that one! Not today and it was nice to see.

It’s been a thing for quite awhile now.

I got to be honest I didn’t know what it was either! I was thinking maybe he was saying that’s what time it is :slight_smile::slight_smile:

I recall Daryl Macon doing it maybe more than once after hitting big, game-clinching free throws.

Macon was doing the ice water in veins,Jones is doing “Dame Time”celebration.

I rewatched the game, several players, assistant coaches (I saw Khalil for sure) also did it. I’m not 100% positive but I thought I saw Muss do it as well (bottom corner of the screen), as the players were coming to the bench. There was a quick pan of the AR bench and several were doing it.

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I believe Darryl Macon did the same at A&M after hitting six (I think 6) straight free throws to win the game.

There’s tapping the top of the wrist where your watch is - dame time. Then there’s tapping the middle of the inside of your forearm - ice water in the veins.

Then there’s Q dog if you turn your palms facing outside on either side of your face a la Corliss Williamson, which is by far the best celebration gesture ever sported by the razorbacks. Maybe when Creed shows up in a few years he can bring it back!

image https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSRfKy8Bjd67eb0ab2HDcZ_m7Aj1DzHj8MTtadfwop4CqfEvikFSvCtL8uSaQ&s

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I always thought Corlis was doing a “bull horn sign” with his hands and thought that was some kind of fraternity thing. Same with the brand on his shoulder. Could explain “Q dog?”

I believe it had to do with his fraternity. Someone can correct me. I’m sure swine will pull out arkapedia on me.

You’re correct. Corliss was in Omega Psi Phi; the Greek letter Omega somewhat looks like a Q, so they refer to themselves as Q-Dogs. You will occasionally see a member with an Omega branded on the biceps or deltoid to form a Q-Dog scar, which I believe Corliss has. And there is the gesture seen in the photo above which is also from Omega Psi Phi.

Omega Psi Phi is the fraternity Corliss is in. The nickname for the frat is Que Dogs.