What was the real attendance yesterday?

This looks like a photo 5 minutes before kick off and unless it’s two ranked teams playing, that’s not a time to judge the attendance. I’ve noticed the crowd seems to peak about the middle of the first quarter. We were standing in line at Baum Stadium at 11 am. The buses were delayed in traffic and we didn’t get to our seats in the Red Zone until 11 minutes to go in the first. My buddy and I did our normal crowd perusal and came up with 45 - 50k, There are usually several thousand people below the stands, in the south end zone food court, inside club areas, etc. Anyway, definitely down but I wouldn’t put attendance in the 35 - 40k range.

If they scan tickets, why don’t they get an accurate count for the attendance? That should tell you how many showed for the game.

Who wasn’t?? Haha

It definitely was late arriving crowd. Tailgate folks get started late at the 11 a.m. kickoffs, and break up the party just before kickoff. Then, have to wait in line for the scanners. That doesn’t happen so much for the later starting times. But it does slow the entrance for 11 a.m. games even with low attendance.

I drove down Dickson Street about 8 p.m. Saturday night. Not to stop, but just to see what was going on. Still active and bustling. I just kept moving. I haven’t gone (other than to drive through) on Dickson Street in a long time.

Clay, I value your opinion and I have to ask about this FB situation. I don’t believe the talk of absolutely no talent. Whaley was an SEC recognized back, O-line had guys invited to NFL camps,
D-line was all the former coach’s players … written by writers of this publication, Bielema was fired because with the talent coming back and the schedule set-up, he would probably make a bowl, and it would look bad to fire him. So, the embarrassing situation. Can you tell me what Morris said to the team after the Missouri game? Can you tell me how many times he met with the QB’s last year? Being an OLD grad of Charleston, I’ve heard things that are very disturbing. Will you comment?

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I do not know what he said after the Missouri game last year. I do not see talent in this offensive line. You do? I know that they had eight at practice for much of last season. Nine sometimes and eight offensive linemen at other times. If you think that’s adequate O-line depth to inherit, I’m going to disagree with you.

I do not think Bielema was fired because they were afraid he’d make a bowl if he came back the next year. That’s the first I’ve heard of that. Do you think last year’s team would have been in a bowl with Bielema as head coach?

I agree that the numbers were not what are needed for a season. I was referencing last years OL, and as for this year, they are not good. They are weak, have not moved the LOS to the defensive side all year. These kids have been in his off-season for 2 years. Should see improvement. They don’t come off the ball, and if you’re running the ball you have to get off the ball. Some of the kids I’ve seen player better. I can save you the search, he didn’t address the team nor the seniors after Missouri. You are correct that not all was well, but I’ve been treated with this “no talent opioid” but refuse to take any more. Show me improvement, on the O-line, QB play, backs blocking, etc. I’m not seeing it. Missed 4 games in Fayetteville in the last 34 years, not impressed with what I’m seeing.

You did not answer my question. Do you think Bielema would have been in a bowl last year? I never heard that one when he was fired. Did you? I think everyone believed talent was spiraling down as the reason he was fired.

I believe, yes. I know there is always argument,

I did read that on the Whole Hog site.

When they were doing that earlier, the machines weren’t registering some and lots of people - according to the fans - were going in without scanning.

The simple thing is not many people are showing up or going to show up to watch the current product on the field.