What was the official reasons for firing?

Has that been reported?

In HYs statement he released it was basically along the lines that we haven’t been winning at the highest level consistently enough. Hard to argue with that.

What does that exactly mean? Because that is the bar for the next coach.

From the statement, this is the reason:

“In the past eight seasons, we have won a number of games and have made appearances in both the NIT and the NCAA Tournaments. However, in my evaluation, we have not sustained a consistent level of success against the most competitive teams in the nation to enable us to compete for SEC and NCAA Championships on an annual basis. That will continue to be the benchmark for our success throughout our athletic program."

To me it meant a winning season and a win in the NCAA tournament here and there isn’t good enough. Have to be able to win the big games.

I agree with that. I want to compete for conference championships, and win them. I’d like to win more than 1 game in the NCAA tournament. I think that’s something we can all agree on.

That means competing for SEC and National Championship every year. That is a lot lot higher bar than I thought.

We’ve just declared that 62% wins and five postseason appearances in eight years without cheating isn’t good enough. That’s a pretty high bar.

A name keeps popping into my head that no one is mentioning here tonight. Power 6 experience and NCAAT experience, has some strong SEC ties, and I think we could get him for a price we’d be willing to pay. We’ll see if the same name is popping into Hunter Yurachek’s mind.

I understand the only 3 tournament appearances in 8 years argument… Here’s where I have the problem though.

  1. Jeff Long, who hired CMA has been on record saying that based on the job when CMA took over they threw out the first 3 years, because they knew it would take that long to fix APR, get a practice facility, etc. I’m pretty sure when CMA first looked at the Arkansas job and his future employers were telling him they would give him that time to rebuild that was something that made him willing to leave a great situation he had at Mizzou.

But, now it’s like that’s completely ignored and they are holding those first 3 years against him. I know it’s a new AD in place, but if Long was representing the university at the time and that’s the promise he made, shouldn’t that still be upheld?

  1. By how shocked and sadden CMA appeared to be on this whole situation, it doesn’t appear that he was told at last year’s season end meeting that he had to make the NCAA tournament or he will be fired. Hunter just spoke a few weeks ago, acknowledging how young the team was and how they were building for the future. Now, all of the sudden they were expected to be an NCAA caliber team and compete for a championship this year?

I’m sorry you just don’t do somebody that’s been tied to the program for 25+ years like that. If he would have been told at the beginning of the season, hey it’s NCAA or we’re making changes, I can’t be upset, because expectations weren’t met, but when you move the goal posts at the end of the season and fire someone who’s given his all to the university for almost 3 decades, and the man doesn’t even get a chance to turn things around the following season, I just can’t get behind that decision.

I’m sorry, but just seems like a setup here to me. Because if CMA was told it’s NCAA or gone this year, I’m sure instead of taking 8 underclassmen, he would have gotten some grad transfers and jucos to give us a better chance of making the tournament this year. No coach is going to take 8 underclassmen knowing their job is on the line, that’s a class you take for a rebuild year and building towards the future. Also, I’m sure if he was told it was NCAA or gone, he would have used Khalil’s scholarship, rather than waiting and giving him time to get cleared. That’s a really big deal, that I thought was an admirable thing for the coach to do, to give the kid 2 years to try to get cleared. But looks like doing things like that end up costing you your job these days. But, you can be Bruce Pearl and have 2 assistants going to prison for wire fraud, but as long as you make the tournament you still got a job. What a joke.


It all goes back to expectations.

I agree with the AD. Arkansas should have the expectations of competiting for the SEC and National title every year in every sport. No exceptions.

That is his standard, his expectations. I Agee with that. And I am sure al of the other UA coaches are taking note.


Care to share that name?

I get what you’re saying. I sincerely believe it came down to that Indiana game in the NIT. If Hogs were still playing in the NIT, Mike would’ve been given one more year, IMO.

All teams improve during the year. However, at least this year, compared to other teams, the Razorbacks went backwards; that is, compared to other teams, we were better at the beginning of the season than we were at the end of the season. And, that is a strong indication of Anderson’s inability to develop players.

Nope, intentionally withholding it at this time. It has come up on the board in recent weeks though.

Nah, the fix was in to get rid of CMA that much is obvious now, he would have probably had to win the NIT to even get a chance to come back next year. And even then they would have justified firing him saying our goal is to win NCAA championships not NIT championships.

CMA messed up coming back to Arkansas. I’ve been upset at Arkansas since the announcement, but Arkansas is just being Arkansas, you can’t be mad at people for just being who they are. CMA should have learned his lesson on how they did him here the first time after Nolan was fired, and didn’t give him a chance then. He’s essentially now gotten thrown away by the university twice… that’s on him putting himself in that situation. He had a great team that could have competed for a National Championship at Mizzou and he left that… just a bad decision on his part trying to live out a dream here, when he knew some people would never let that be.

I’m not a big Gus Malzahn fan, but you don’t have to burn that guy twice for him to learn a lesson. Arkansas burned him once, they tried to lure him in for a second go around, he played the game and used us to get more money from a rival. Don’t like a guy, but gotta respect his smart business decisions.