What was the first college football game you attended?

Jan 1 1965 Cotton Bowl vs Nebraska, so I started on kind of a high note. With the parents, two sisters and brother. Our tickets were split 3 and 3. Dad said me and one of my sisters would sit with Mother, the other siblings with him. I was the youngest, cried I didn’t want to sit with Mother because she would get lost! Cotton Bowl was a big place to me then. Sat with Mother anyway and didn’t get lost! And we won!


Darn near beat them the next year tho…

USC in 1974… got a ticket from a guy that couldn’t go for some reason. Sat with a whole group of friends, was a very memorable day. I was a senior in High School and had never been to a game but had listened to them on the radio since I was born and anytime they were on TV my Dad and I would sit and watch and yell. My second game was the 76 Cotton bowl vs GA… was living in DFW at the time. Great memories…

Yep. We hold on to the interception in the end zone, we win.

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1957 Hogs v. Ole Miss at old Crump Stadium in Memphis. Hogs won 12-6 but I have zero recollection about the game. What I do remember like it was yesterday were the after the game brawls with drunk as Cooter Brown Hog and Rebel fans. Some of the fights would have made Vince McMahon proud.

Sept 28 1974—Fayetteville Ar
UA 60 Tulsa 0

In Little Rock - Arkansas VS Texas in 1991.

In Fayetteville - Arkansas VS The Citadel 1992… what a sad game.

11/4/1967 Fayetteville Hogs lost to Texas A&M 33-21

My first Arkansas game was the 1969 shootout between Texas and Arkansas. Our next door neighbor had tickets in the section for some friends coming from Texas to attend the game. Their car broke down and at the last minute he came over and offered them to us. My father, mother, my little brother, and i went and had great seats in the Texas section. I was in the 9th grade then and we had just moved to Fayetteville. When we were up 14-0 my brother and I started talking smack to all of the Texas fans sitting by us. When they went ahead 15-14 we had to eat crow even though their last touchdown should have been called back. Have disliked Texas ever since

I am sure I was too young to remember. I do know that it has been said that I went to some at age 3 4 and 5. I do remember the Cotton Bowl parade before the 1961 game between Duke and Arkansas (following the '60 season). I believe I went to the game, but don’t remember it.

My dad’s Uncle James took me to WMS late 50’s or early 60’s. My only memory is walking in and being awed by the crowd and atmosphere. No recollection of who we played.

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Those are a couple of memorable games. My first in Little Rock was the Miracle on Markham.

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Oct. 23, 1971. Final score was Arkansas 60, North Texas State 21. Drizzled and rained most of the game. I was 10, was there with two of my buddies. We enjoyed watching the players “slish” across the wet astroturf. Pretty sure “slish” is not a word, but that’s what we called it.

The Miracle on Markham… That game takes me back. I had 4 tickets in the opposite end zone from the one Matt Jones through the game tying TD into with Decori Birmingham. Talk about a nail biter, and I’m glad I had a pint of whiskey to get me through that game. The two old timers behind my seats asked for a shot off my bottle just before the start of Jones’ final drive. I can see the Democrat Gazette Sunday headline to this day, “Jones, to Birmingham, to Atlanta!”.

1975 vs TCU at WMS.

Scott Bull was QB, and Texarkana’s own Ike Forte was RB.

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According to no less than OH, the most important game in the development of the program. AR 6, ole miss 0, WMS LR, 1954. Rode with my Dad to the game on the bus from Park Hill. Been following the Hogs ever since. I think I was at all the games mentioned above except for those in Memphis. Have not seen a game there.

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1960 or '61 against TCU (or was it Rice?) at WMS. Whoever it was, I heard the huge crescendo of the hog call for the first time, and it had me at hello. Been hooked ever since.

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Arkansas 9
SMU. 7

1962 in the rain.

Hogs blocked a Pony FG at the end to hold on and get a Sugar Bowl invite.

My first game was vs Vanderbilt in Little Rock in 1978, first game of the new season. Hogs were ranked 3rd in the polls, first game since the Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma. We won 48-17, Thomas Brown returned a kickoff for a touchdown right in front of me. We had seats on the 2nd row in the endzone.

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That was my first game working in the press box and Paul Eells’ first game as Voice of the Hogs. He had called Vandy games the previous season, so that was quite the coincidence.

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