What was the first college football game you attended?

I’m stealing this from Tom Hart, who posed the same question on Twitter.

For me, it was Sept. 11, 1993, Arkansas vs. South Carolina in Fayetteville. It was the first time I can remember driving up the old highway — or “over the mountain” as my mom always called it.

The Razorbacks scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, including the game winner by Oscar Malone on a 2-yard run with 1:57 remaining, and won 18-17. It was Danny Ford’s first SEC win.

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October 4, 1969. Arkansas 24, TCU 6. A sweltering early October afternoon at WMS. Main thing I remember about that day was hearing the TCU QB’s name over the loudspeakers over and over: Steve Judy. And how hot it was. I was 8. TCU took a 3-0 lead but we led 10-6 at halftime and a long TD pass from Bill Montgomery to Chuck Dicus in the third quarter pretty much put it away. Bill Burnett added some insurance with a fourth quarter TD. We were ranked #3 coming in and also #3 the next week

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Oct. 15, 1955. War Memorial Stadium. Razorbacks 27 Texas 20


Sep 26, 1987. Miami vs AR at War Memorial

The Oct 24, 1970 Wichita State game at Little Rock. This was 20 days after 14 Wichita State players and 17 others died in an airplane crash. We won on the scoreboard 62-0, but Wichita State won on the field.

1961 against Texas Tech in Little Rock won 28 - 0

1967 Ark and Kansas State in Razorback Stadium Hogs 28 K State 7

Arkansas vs TCU Oct. 1959. Freddie Akers field goal was the only score in a 3-0 victory. TCU, Arkansas and Texas ended in a 3 way tie. The next year Texas Tech joined the conference.

Dec. 6, 1969 ut/Arkansas at Razoback Stadium. Was only 7 yrs. old but remember that game too well.

I used to sleep lying down among the peanut hulls and whiskey bottles under my parents feet when I was around 7 or 8. The night games at War Memorial used to start at 8:00pm in those days, so I crashed around halftime. Fall of 1956, maybe. Jack Mitchell was our coach. Don’t remember the specific game…went to all of them.

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Couldn’t tell you the date or even the year, but it was Memphis St. v. Mississippi Southern in about 1959 or 1960. At Crump Stadium in Memphis. Soon thereafter (maybe that year or the next) I saw Ole Miss play Memphis St. at Crump Stadium. My first Razorback game was 1964 in WMS against Baylor.

September 26, 1959 vs. Oklahoma State in Little Rock.

Final score:
OSU 07
Ark 13

All I remember is that we won, and it rained cats and dogs.

Thanksgiving Day 1969 in Little Rock. Beat Texas Tech in the sleet and rain 33-0. The Red Raider(live mascot and horse) left at halftime.

We were some of the first people in the stadium and I remember watching Frank Broyles come out and start kicking at the turf with his toe trying to decide how slick it was going to be.

9/21/68 v. Oklahoma State in Little Rock.

Cotton Bowl. January 1, 1965. We beat the Huskers 10-7. Our seats were about 15 rows up on the 5-yard line. Bobby Burnett’s game winning TD was right in front of us.
Back when most all the men and boys wore a coat and tie to the games and ladies wore dresses.
First time I called the Hogs, I got goose bumps. Still do.


That was our first game also. Thought I was going to freeze to death. Wife wanted to leave after the 3rd quarter and I didn’t even argue with her. I was more than ready to leave. Lots of people around us left earlier.

Arkansas vs. Wichita State - October 1970. It was the first game Wichita played after their plane crash that killed a lot of their team. I would have been 7. I remember Wichita getting a first down, or big play (they didn’t score so it wasn’t that) late in the game and the Arkansas fans cheering very loudly for them.

They brought a few survivors of the plane crash out onto the field to start the game. That was very emotional.

Even in the early 70’s it was that way. My second game was the 1971 Texas game in Little Rock. Rained and rained. I was 8. I was in a coat and tie.

That wasn’t a good one to start with! Dang, what a butt kicking we got.

I had to wear a tie (sometimes) when I was working for the athletic department, but the only time I wore a coat and tie to a football game was a Red-White game in Little Rock. My cousin got married that afternoon in Malvern and I went to the ceremony and headed straight for the stadium, still in my suit. I didn’t have time to change. Man, was I overdressed.