What was the deal with Costieu

Ya. It was a clown thing to do. Emotion is one thing but pointing to the dugout AFTET the chest pounding when you’re up 5-6 runs late, have already clinched and have completely owned the guy all weekend? Stupid. Not a big deal but stupid.

You can be “cocky”, “emotional” or whatever, but act like you’ve been there.

Acting like a fool is not what our program is about. The chest pounding is one thing.

The pointing at the dugout under those circumstances was embarrassing.

I’m not mad about it. Don’t think it’s a huge deal. But it was cringe-worthy under the circumstances for sure.


Absolutely. It was not as bad as that hot-dogging Ole Miss pitcher, but it’s not what I’d like to see our players do.

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Costieu has not been there before.

For somebody not mad, you sure seem a little mad. :smiley:

I just don’t think it is that big a deal…these days.

Sorry, Dudley, but for me, it was not a good look. We have been #1 for most of the season. Whether Costieu has “been there” before or not is irrelevant. I am all for hyping yourself up, but I see no reason to try to embarrass a big time slugger you dominated all weekend when you might see him again…in Omaha. I am guessing Dave feels the same way. Why make it harder on yourself than you have to?

Again, I understand it shouldn’t have been done, but I’m not going to brand him a bad sport or kid for one thing.

No. Not mad. Just a message board. Posting messages. On a message board. Disagreed with your disagreeing with me. Explained why. For someone who makes their living from the publication and website, seems like you would get that.

But, hey. I’m just cocky like that. Always have been. Reminds me of the time I met Wilt Chamberlain and told him he didn’t really score 100 points in a game. But that’s just how I roll.
Always have.


And, Costieu most certainly has been there before. He has like 20 something appearances this year. Pitched in front of a full house at OM, a huge crowd down in Tx and hone fans ar Baum.

Inaccurate rationalization. It was absolute clown behavior.

Pointing at the dugout in a blowout after we clinched and struck him out like 10 times? Dumb. Particularly for a guy with a high ERA.

Just not my cup of tea. I don’t like it when OM does it and I didn’t like it when he did it.

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I wonder if they’ve ever been back to pinnacle since?

You are most certainly entitled to your opinion as I am. Doesn’t make me right or you wrong

Cool story about Wilt, bro.

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My guess is no, but I’ve only been there a few times.

For that golf tournament and to hang out with Notorious and Wilt.

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Without a doubt. SUPER STARS. Silence makes sense.

I loved it. Of course, I loved Yadi throwing the guy out to Baez, who did the no-look. The Caribbean players “get it” - they have loads of fun playing the game. A bit of fun at the old ball park is healthy. And, throw in 11K people whooping and hollering and I’d be more bothered if he was stoic walking off the field.

Why did you say to Wilt that he didn’t score 100 points in a game? He did against the Knicks.

In my view, Wilt was the greatest NBA player of all time.

It seems to me this was an isolated incident with Arkansas. The only other time I can remember an Arkansas player yelling at the opposing team from the field was at the end of the Texas Tech game, when Elijah Trest said something to the bench. (I think there might be some bad blood between Arkansas and Texas Tech, based on some observations in Omaha a couple of years ago.)

That isn’t to say there haven’t been other times this happened, but I haven’t seen them this year, and at home games prior to last weekend you could hear some of what was said on the field because there wasn’t as much crowd noise to drown it out. You couldn’t hear anything from the field during the Florida series because the crowd was so loud.

Not long before Costeiu yelled at Fabian, Slavens hit a home run and appeared to chirp at the pitcher while running the bases. It makes me wonder if something was being said from the dugouts that fired up Arkansas’ players.

Hog players have shown the “horns down” sign before, after a win. And, have been photoshopped doing it a lot more times than actually seen on the field!

Matt Cronin sure did it. I saw him. And he was proud of it when I talked to him later. Dave Van Horn would prefer it not be done – at least that’s what he said for the record.

I agree, Matt, and that’s one of the reasons for the original post—to see if something happened.

It seems to me that DVH and company pride themselves on having a team that plays hard, plays the right way, generally doesn’t show up the other team and doesn’t get into all the Cracker Jack stuff of the day.

Sure, there are exceptions. Clay cited Cronin. Moore and CF will show some style. But usually it’s fairly laid back compared to what we see on a weekly basis (and some of it has been in response to being heckled and that’s fine with me).

I just thought it didn’t add up given the circumstances and was curious as to the cause (if anyone knew). It may have just been a fiery guy who kinda went there after a long battle).

Anyway, not a big deal—just interesting considering how this team usually acts.

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The reason Slavens was yelling at Pitcher from Fla was that same pitcher came in in the 8th inn of game1 and faced 1 batter and was Slavens and K him looking and just glared at Slavens as he was going to the dugout, Slavens obviously didn’t forget it and I don’t blame him.


Behavior is more understandable if it is a reaction to crap from the other side.

As for the downward hook’em horns sign, well, that’s always appropriate, IMO.


I agree @neastarkie. Yesterday I was in traffic and noticed a longhorn decal on the car ahead of me. It took great willpower not to pull ahead of him and give him the downward hook um horns sign. My wife gave me a dirty look when I told her what I was thinking of doing…

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Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission