What was the deal with Costieu

going all “Ole Miss player reaction” on their thumper, late?

That was kinda ridiculous unless there was a back story. Not a fan of that at all.

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He was probably letting out frustration really for the ump for missing two obvious strikes. He’s a kid. It happens. :joy::joy:

I didn’t understand that either. There was nothing I saw in the first 2 games or earlier in this one to explain it.

Fabian was 1 for 11 this weekend and Hogs struck him out 9 times.

The ump made a point of saying something to Costieu when he came off the field. I bet he told him to cut that crap out. I also noticed DVH & O’Sullivan had a rather serious discussion for a couple minutes after the game. Not heated like the deal with TV last week, but they said more than the usual “good game, good luck” kind of stuff. They were discussing something.

Which team was it that we played in Arlington that got all fired up at us about getting carried away about something? Was that Tech or the Shorthorns or TCU? Was it Kopps celebrating a little too much after a strikeout? I think DVH does not mind a swagger or a little attitude but I bet he curbs them in a little wanting them to be smart about it.

I think it was the Tech game. There is some friction between those two teams.

I am ok with him pounding the glove but the pointing him to the dugout crap has got to go, that’s for the fans to do. Leach too goes a little overboard with excitement, we are the # 1 team in the country and have played the toughest schedule in the country, we should expect to do that! JMO.


That batter had fouled a LOT of pitches. I think it was just, “Ha, I got you!” Excitement of the moment.

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Agree. Save the pointing to the dugout stuff for the OM :clown_face: s


It was a deal, but not that big a deal in my mind.

I’m sure DVH took care of it.

But I love emotion. I wouldn’t have pointed, but I dang sure would have celebrated.

It’s okay in my opinion to be fired up.

Of course, that’s who I was back in the day. :sunglasses:

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Something I would have done back in the day. But I had a habit of getting reprimanded due to my emotions/temper. Especially when I flipped the bird (double birds in fact) to the opposing fans a few seconds after we lost the basketball state championship game by 3 pts. From center court at Ar Tech arena for all to see. Coach dragging me off the court by my hair. Thank goodness I was a senior and it was my last game. I would have ran redlines all summer and thru the next football season.

Did you do any “talking” to Jordan and crew after the game in PB 1984? :joy:

Oh I was emotional too Dudley and was cool with the pounding of the glove but to point and tell him to get to the dugout went over the line for sure. I’ll tell you I was very impressed with the Fabian kid Not losing his cool in as bad a weekend as he was having, always just walked back to the dugout, very impressed with that kid had 20 Hrs and we held him to 1 hit and 8-9 K

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No, but upon meeting MJ at the Berto Center in Chicago during a Nike All-American Camp in 1994, I introduced myself and said I was 1-0 against him.

He says how’s that and I said Pine Bluff. He replied BALENTINE.

He said it was a game that he would never forget.


That took stones the size of boulders to say that to MJ, DD. Much respect.:sunglasses:
I wish I wouldn’t have fumbled and bumbled whatever it was that came out of my mouth when I met Kobe in Vegas. I was so much more eloquent after the fact.

I have never lacked for confidence.

Or as my wife said when breaking up with me in high school …cockiness.

My only fan boy moment ever was when Joe Kleine was playing with Celtics and I spent a night out with Larry Bird, Greg Norman, Wayne Gretzky and Ivan Lendl here in Fayetteville while they were here to open up Pinnacle.

I was extremely quiet.


That’s an impressive array of sports celebs to hang with, Dudley. Even for one night

I spent a good deal of time with Brad Daugherty a few years ago. When we were introduced I told him he had visited my home town. He said “where is your home town” I said Pine Bluff Arkansas. Brad said “you guys were lucky”. I said “we won”, Brad’s a great guy. He called me Arkansas after that and always spoke highly of Joe Kline. And he said Alvin was a great basketball player.

That was 1990. I remember it well. I was on my senior trip to Florida, and I am from Rogers. Back then Pinnacle was called Champions. Those were 4 of the biggest stars in their respective sports at that time, but I remember watching the event on TV in Florida, and thinking that the golf course didn’t look so good (of course…it was brand new). My, how times have changed…Pinnacle is a beauty now. I hope you got autographs from all of them, DD.

Magical night