What was that about?

Was listening to the Paul Finebaum show the other day and they had a caller from Arkansas. He was talking about the state of NCAA sports in general, how he thought NIL made an environment rife for cheating. And Finebaum made a comment that people do indeed suspect that, and acted like it was general knowledge that a lot of people think Arkansas is doing that in basketball. Not that we are doing that, just that a lot of people think that. Anyone know what he was talking about? Just the usual baseless sour grapes other fans have when another school does well in recruiting?

Anxious to hear a reasonable response. In today’s environment, and with what A&M is doing in football, doesn’t NIL generally take away the “cheat” in recruiting? Pay what you can afford, above the table, seems to be the way to go.

I have zero inside knowledge but it would surprise me greatly if we aren’t taking full advantage of NIL to land our recent basketball classes.

Well it’s only natural for people to think
that when you are not used to getting 5*and you all of a sudden get 3 in one class. And pretty much every big time player gives us respect and most are genuinely interested now.

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I believe that NIL plays a much bigger part of the recruiting process for football than for basketball. High 4-star and 5-star football recruits are looking at a minimum of 3 scholarship years before the NFL dollars become available.

In basketball, 5 star players are looking at just 1 year (in their minds, at least). There are quite a few 5 star players like Nick, who said publicly that an NIL program would not play a part in his choice of schools. The coach and a good chance at conference and national championships were primary in his decision. He said this well before he committed to the Hogs. I believe Jordan and AB were of the same mindset. Plus, playing with Nick helped in their choice.

We’re playing the game in basketball, not so much in football, mostly due to the sheer numbers required.

I don’t care what anybody says or thinks, Muss ain’t gonna get Reggie Perry’ed, and I love it!


What ever happened to him and miss.st?

I think Reggie is Seth Greenberg’s pool boy.


Cleaning gutters to?

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I am of the opinion, and have been for a long time, that Paul Finebaum would be happier if Arkansas was not in the SEC. He simply does not, for whatever reason, like the school or the fact that we are in the league. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder in this regard.

When Sam was hired, Finebaum thought it was a joke of a hire. He thought “our natural order” was a 2-10 type football team every year. His demeanor toward Sam in his early interviews in terms of his questions, facial expressions, and body language were condescending.

Finebaum cannot understand, or won’t understand the history of UA basketball. Outside of Kentucky, we take a backseat to nobody on the strength of the program historically. Our fan support in easily top 10, and we have an elite coach who is probably one of the top 5 coaches in college today. And, yet, Paul doesn’t think we are capable of success without NIL in hoops?

I’m feel sure we are being competitive in NIL in hoops, and, probably better in football than some think. This past year our entire sports program took a backseat to Zero in the SEC. And, I don’t think, or at least am not aware of Mr. Finebaum mentioning that.


Most of everything I hear PF say goes in one ear out the other. I doubt very seriously he could even break down plays in football/basketball. Laura Rutledge knws more football the Paul.

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To be fair, Finebaum did not say HE thought we were not capable of succeeding in basketball without NIL support. He said many others believed that. Now that might have been his sly way of saying he believed that too. But it also might have been his way of telling the caller from Arkansas that if the caller’s impression was that NIL leads to widespread cheating he should be aware that many wonder if something is fishy in that regard about Arkansas’s success in basketball recruiting, so that skepticism might be unwarranted.

I understand what he said, and still think he made the statement with the hidden agenda behind it.

I don’t think he would have said the same thing about Kentucky and Calipari.

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There is no “hidden agenda.” He doesn’t have it out for Arkansas. Arkansas doesn’t win enough in the SEC for anyone including Finebaum to take it seriously and develop an “agenda.” The winning is starting to happen in basketball, so the rumors are there. He’s running a talk show and is just regurgitating what he’s heard, in response to a foolish Arkansas fan that somehow thinks the NIL is bad. The NIL might be the best thing that happens to Arkansas athletics, assuming we have the financial wherewithal to really exploit it. I’m frankly not sure we do, but that’s a different topic.


I’m sure there are 13 other coaches in the SEC who are busily casting aspersions at Muss and what he is doing, because it’s a threat to them, and I’m sure Pawwwwlll has talked to a few of them.

Of course he wouldn’t have said that about Kentucky. It’s not true that SOME people think something is fishy about Kentucky recruiting. EVERYONE thinks something is fishy about Kentucky recruiting :smile:.

Seriously, I get your point. But I also get that some people might be skeptical of the origins of Arkansas’s recent recruiting success. Not that we get good players, we’ve had Portis and Gafford and others. But the sheer numbers of them lately, and 5 stars. However, that skepticism does not take into account our coach, the attractiveness of his pro background, our fan base, the number of great in-state players lately, our recent NCAA Tournament success, etc. We may not have Kentucky’s history, but we have one, and we have legitimate reasons for kids to want to come here.

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PF pursues his “journalism” game the same as Wally Hall. No need to perform research and provide in-depth analysis on a sports topic. They just wing it and make stuff up based on rumors and innuendo so they can meet their next deadline. They get more viewers/readers that way.

PF and WH make a living “poking the bear” and selling opinion as journalism. Glad Clay, Matt, Scottie, RD, Bob, Tom, etc don’t do that.

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I don’t think anyone believes Finebaum is a “journalist.” He hasn’t been that for a long time, if ever. He’s a TV talk show host that moderates the trailer park spats between Bama and Auburn fans, with a sprinkling of other SEC material thrown in. He’s OK. I kind of like him, actually. He’s not a journalist and doesn’t hold himself out to be one. And while there’s a place for straight journalism in this world, there’s a bigger demand for opinion and even outright lies masked as opinion or even facts. The market is going to capitalize on that, and has over recent years, so it’s unavoidable. The trick is to recognize what is what, and not to ingest too much of the BS.


That’s it. When my son was an actual journalist he wrote the local paper decrying how the opinion of a columnist was so uninformed. And they said it was not uninformed so much as it was provocative, in order to stir people up to get as much readership as possible.

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