What was said at team meeting

From a family member of a player:

“Short and sweet. Said he wasn’t a philosophy guy. Said it’s time to work. Only way to win is out tough and out physical people. And we will do both. Said he had over 150 coaches wanting to come here. Showed them his phone with over 400 messages on it. Said 150 were coaches.”

Just listened to the entire speech. He impressed me. You can hear the passion and excitement in his voice. He went about it very different from Chad. He was himself, and didn’t pretend to be something he’s not.

The part about the 100+ coaches texting him wanting a job, some from big time schools, that’s pretty awesome to hear. Shows the respect among coaches he has.

I think he’s going to put together a good staff.

Ultimately, the passion and want in his voice has me convinced. He was probably our best option regardless of where he was on the list. No question he wants this job and is excited

One thing that kind of stuck out, was Koilan Jackson was in the video and he said he liked how he didn’t come in here talking about numbers and nonsense like Chad did. He talked about being tough and relentless. Which is what football is truly about.

He related to them. Said he’s one of them. Just a regular guy.
Wants them to always know they can come to him.

He said he chose them, they didn’t choose him. Because he wants to be there, just like they wanted to be here. They all chose the UofA for a reason.

Said he doesn’t want to hear anything about a transfer portal, to come talk to him, and he’d talk them out of it.

Talked about coming from Georgia, and there’s no reason the University of Arkansas can’t do everything he did there. Not sure if I heard him correctly but he said something along the lines of, We are the University Of Damn Arkansas, in emphasis.

I think it hit the majority of what I’d say we’re the highlights.


Where is the video?

Joe Fouchas Instagram live. Have to listen really closely

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Good post Jr. He grows on you don’t he?

That video did a lot for me. You can take a way a lot by the sound of someone’s voice. His voice told me all I need to know.

Idk how he will work out, but I know he wants to get it done. He’s seen the blue print on how it’s done in the SEC. I hope he has a lot of success. He cares, that’s the biggest thing, and it’s more than just for his job or career.

He said he fell in love with the hogs when he was just a kid in Oklahoma and has loved them ever since, that’s why he wants and chose to be here.

He’s also not a Damn Aggie


I’ll also add- he said he’d be working tomorrow on putting his staff together.

He said he’s only hiring guys who absolutely want to be at Arkansas. Said they have to want to be here and love Arkansas. They have to be Loyal, so does he, and so do the players.

Asked players to be around this weekend to help him recruit, the official visitors

Heard that part too. I think it makes for a pretty good recipe.

Okay, now go study. Don’t want to hear about you flunking out of school.

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I’ll try not to, been doing alright so far

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Wow! Now what I’m talking about!!I hope he brings in a strength and conditioning coach that will absolutely wear these guys out! Hopefully when we take the field next August we will look like a football team that belongs in the SEC!! He’s got his work cut out for him but I believe he will get it done…

Curious if Tenarius Wright (a 247 “top 30 under 30” coach this year) and/or Kiero Small return. They are associate S&C coaches under Ben Herbert at Michigan.

You know they would like to come back.

Good post for sure

Could be our kind of man to make men out of these boys.