What UT/OU mean for SEC football

From The Athletic. Cliffs Notes below

They project we’ll get Texass, OM and Misery as our rivals, BTW.

OK, I’ll try to unpack it a little. Supposedly a schedule format was worked out but not released at Destin. Jimbo let slip that the Ags would get Texass, LSU and Moo U (cow colleges that wear maroon, so it fits). Nine games is almost a certainty to allow the three permanent rivals and preserve as many rivalries as possible (plus provide more and better inventory to pry more money out of ESPN). No divisions, of course.

They predict that Mobilehoma gets Texass, Misery and LSU, and Texass gets us, OU and the Ags. The winners of the Vandy sweepstakes are Tennessee, Kentucky and Misery.

No divisions will mean a bunch of tiebreakers may be needed to pick the SECCG teams. Pac-12 went through that last year, with a three-way tie for second that went to the fourth tiebreaker before Utah won (and UU then won the PTCG).

TV rules & their picks IMO are right on point. 9 games.

It is really tough to look objectively at the proposed 3-team permanent assignment projections. I would suggest Auburn has the worst of it - Bama, Georgia, and Florida. Tennessee, as much as anyone, seems to get it “easy” with Bama balanced out by KY and Vandy.

I would agree Auburn gets the short straw. You could argue Misery gets the easy draw with Vandy, OU and us.

I like that match-up for the Razorbacks. I despise the RebNecks and having a chance to beat them each year is a winner for me. Texass is obvious. I’ve grown to dislike ZOU and I look forward to beating them regularly.

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