What to watch for in Arkansas-Kentucky

On Arkansas’ handling of Oscar Tshiebwe, bench production, three-point shooting on both sides, and Cason Wallace:

already expecting a 2 to 1 ratio in fouls called in favor of Kentucky…especially over the backs in their favor…Cal will be almost crying on every possession and the ESPN announcers will be in agreement with him


I’m prepared for that too! I just hope our hogs can battle and avoid the TO’s! When the hogs get to the free throw line they have to make them to have a chance to win. For some reason this is one of those games the players will be motivated to play and play hard. Our hogs need the win :1st_place_medal:. A bad way! They need a Q-1 road win.

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This is going to be a very tough matchup for us, if we don’t do a better job of blocking out than we did against SC and TAM then we’re going to get killed. We will have to defend the 3 exceptionally well because they have got some really good outside shooters.

I hope we play well and can win the game …I don’t have really any expectations for a win because I know the refs are going to put it to us like they always do and we’re going to have to shoot the ball exceptionally well too pull this off.

I would say foul trouble will be #1. I expect it to be a major issue in this game for us.

For some reason I think we play with our hair on fire tonight, Billy.
I don’t think the players were “up” for the Cocks, and I can’t really say I blame them (even though we desperately needed that road win).
This is not a vintage Kentucky team we are playing tonight, but they still have the name.
I have a good feeling about this one.
Feel free to call me an idiot if I am wrong. :smile:


I think if we play with the intensity we played with at Baylor I think we have a chance. We have to keep Big boy in check and not let him totally dominate the game like that kid the other day did.
We have to shoot the ball extremely well for 40 minutes and I think we will be fine.
I don’t think this is a great Kentucky team but they are not void of talent and will be a handful unless we bring our A game

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Agree. Only 8 1/2 hours til showtime!

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Both teams are playing btr, I’m more scared of this game now after watching Kentucky get some Quality wins and play Kansas close. It’s at Rupp and we all knw that means it’ll cost us at least 12 more fouls. I’ll be happy if we can take care of the ball and don’t take wild, crazy shots. I do believe we’ll play lights out hard defense. GO HOGS!!

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Oscar T is physically strong, but he’s not very mobile. To have success, you have to be able to move him around. Arkansas was able to draw him out of the lane last season with Jaylin Williams. Unfortunately, none of our current bigs have any perimeter shooting ability (really miss TB here). If Oscar T just sits back in the lane all game on defense to rebound the ball and defend the rim, well, huge advantage for Kentucky.

I wonder who draws the defensive assignment on Cason Wallace?

Devo I would guess

UK blew out KU last year and then we beat them. And KU won the natty. Means nothing. Also, the Poultry beat Kentucky at Rupp.

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Yes why we play the game, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. They beat Tenn to, but that’s in the past too.

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I’m hoping for a Nick sighting at the free throw line.

I’ve got real apprehension about this game. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think we can pull it off in Rupp Arena right now, with the injuries to our two game changers.

A win tonight I think would be the turning point of the season without question.

Woo Pig!

Not super optimistic about winning tonite. But you never know……could surprise

Our hogs will be ready to play tonight. The hogs are coming into this game as the under dog so I like it. Getting T in foul trouble could help a lot! Go at him and make him play defense. Avoiding turnovers and get to the free throw line and convert! Hogs by 15.

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The refs will do a stellar job of ensuring that Oscar is never in serious foul trouble at any point during the game.

I expect us to use the same scheme that Alabama did. Every time he touched the ball he was immediately surrounded by three tall athletic guys and he couldn’t even turn, they disrupted his shot, his passes and everything he did… He was totally useless against them.

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Bama has a lot more talent than we do…,so easier said than done.

Florida did a great job on him too, Billy.
The Mitchell boys have 10 fouls to use against him.
It would be a great night for Graham to show some toughness on D and the boards.
I suspect Devo starts on Wallace.
Gotta run the other guards off the 3-point line, and we CAN NOT go under screens.

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