What to watch for in Arkansas' game at Vanderbilt

On Jalen Graham, ball security, Jordan Walsh and getting going in transition:

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Great insight as always.

unfortunately, Vandy is very awkward to play. Glad the benches are no longer under the goal, more distraction to a team with a chaotic look. It is hard to shoot in Memorial for good shooting teams, so maybe this team finds a rallying point and shoots with confidence. Bigs are the Vandy strength right now, so our inside focus will be a determining matchup.

Graham has to get a lot more minutes because he like you say he is wired to score. He made some impressive moves against some very good defensive players from Alabama and scored right over them. The problem with him is he has been so inconsistent seems to play very well at home but on the road doesn’t seem to put forth the same kind of energy.
Vandy is playing very well and this is going to be a tough game for us to win especially after coming off to double digit losses.

Hopefully we put it behind us and we can somehow pull out of victory

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He is inconsistent just like the rest of the team, early on someone had a big night and lifted everyone up but we hadn’t manage to do that lately. We need these guys to get aggressive and cause some turnovers and get a flow that suits their type of game. I know we’re missing a couple starters but the bench is not empty we have talent and Muss will piece it together and turn this around in time. WPS

That’s the key word inconsistent all of our players have had a game that shows you they can do it…The key will be able to get our guys playing consistent reliable ball and that will be when we turn it around

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Yes they have all showed they can play, but very seldom two games in a row, I believe we have the talent to make a run once we gain confidence and play as a team. I liked the way CSP has said “we have all we need”, so does Muss and yes it would be easier with Nick & Trevor. WPS

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