What to Make of Fordham?

I did not watch the game tonight nor do I recall watching Fordham at all. I know they won their first game. How good are they? Obviously, they are not a top SEC type team, but are they middle of the pack or what. Just wondering what to make of this game if anything. It does seem to me that Muss is starting to get through to these guys. If that continues, this will be a fun team to watch.

Hope so. Spending a lot of money to go a very long way to see them play 3 games against teams I will not have to ask about in a couple of weeks.

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Fordham seemed to me like a middle of the pack mid major team. They were overwhelmed by the Razorbacks length and athleticism. I suspect that they will be competitive in their league but they certainly will not be nearly as talented as a top level SEC team.

The Hogs played an absolutely great defensive game. The outside shooting still is not good, but when Nick Smith returns, I expect that his ability to make 3’s will lead to gaps in the opponents defense that will allow allow us a lot of uncontested 3’s. The Hogs will be a ream no one wants to play.

I watched the eastern mi vs michigan game after the hogs last night. EM almost beat M but i thought from a size/athletic perspective Fordham was much larger and more aggressive than eastern. Hard to compare two teams not on the floor together with different camera angles/locations. sorry on typos, keyboard went out on device


.500 school last year. Haven’t had a winning record in 8 years. Kyle Neptune was the head coach, he took over the Villanova job after Jay Wright’s retirement.

Not expected to be competitive in their conference.

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