What to expect versus A&M

My expectation is Mond runs for 100 plus yards and passes for… well, the best yardage he has ever had. I do believe the offense will play decent ball and if they don’t have a lot of turnovers could make it interesting until the second half.

Starkel has had a lot of rust to shake off. It showed last week and also against Ole Miss. If we can get the Starkel that played in the 1st quarter against CSU (24 points), then I agree we have a chance against the Aggies. Quick passes, Screens and some creativity will go a long way if Starkel can get hot.

Not giving up on the season just yet based on one awful performance. Can’t give the ball away 7 times and expect to beat even the worst of teams. Defense seems to play better also when you can extend drives…

Morris is 4-3 in non-power 5 non-conference games in 2 seasons – that is not what he inherited.

In the 20 years prior to Morris, Arkansas was 61-3 in non-power 5 non-conference games.

In the 2 years prior to Morris – I guess during the dumpster fire you reference, Arkansas was 6-0 in non-power 5 non-conference games.

So Morris inherited a dumpster fire that was at least winning its non-power 5 non-conference games – going 6-0 in the two seasons prior – and turned that into 4-3 to include the nightmare blowout at home to North Texas only one year hence.

Those are facts – not opinion.

I wasn’t talking about the SEC games, but since you brought it up, I find 0-16 in two seasons, if it happens, to be absolutely unacceptable and inexusable.

The dumpster fire could at least win an SEC game, actually won 4 SEC games in the two years prior.

But I guess since it was a dumpster fire, we all have to sit by and watch 0-16 SEC in the first two seasons of Morris and not raise one concern? So do you think an expectation would be to win at least one SEC game in his 3rd year? So I guess Clint Stoerner thinks going 1-23 in SEC games the first 3 seasons is just fine? Interesting.

I will not expect much, like last week, when I forecast the hogs winning in a rout. hopefully we catch lightning in a bottle and compete for 4 quarters. Get us one of those moral V’s.