What to expect of the Mitchell brothers from Rhode Island


Really like that both can block shots and score at the Rim! 2 area we were not that great at this year.

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Gee, I’m logged in on my iPad but I cannot open the article until I log in again?

Yet, I can go over to my home pc and open it right up. Wonder what I should do on my iPad to fix this?

Does this complete our recruiting (unless J Will goes pro?). Seems like this fills the roster. Also seems like this gets us two really strong inside players. Got to hand it to Muss. He sure seems to do well in this new world of constant trading & transferring.

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I think we may be looking for a Toney replacement, but that’s purely a guess.

Been monitoring the “twitterverse” a little bit. Folks saying Arkansas still isn’t done.

Some say Terrance Shannon will be next to commit, others say Nigel Pack.

Does this complete our recruiting (unless J Will goes pro?).

I doubt it.

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