What to expect from Wichita State transfer Trey Wade

An analysis of Wichita State transfer Trey Wade, who was a valuable contributor to the Shockers’ success the last two seasons:


Excellent article….looking forward to see him play.

Good stuff. Not as “big” as I had hoped but he is more frontcourt depth. Was hoping for more of a true 6-9 to 6’10” big

Good article, thanks for the information, Scottie.

I really like having a “see ball, get ball” rebounder on the team, especially one who can occasionally hit a three.

The big thing will probably be how much we have to match him up on defense against taller guys, and how well he handles it.

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My hope is that we got more agility and coverage area than we might have seen from some of the larger and heavier fellows. Speed wins. Getting loose balls and quick put-backs checks some more boxes.

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And with Kamani’s status now up in the air, this appears to be a more important development than we previously thought. Hopefully Trey will do his brawling on the boards, and not in the streets.

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