What to expect from Trevon Brazile

"Once in his mind he truly realizes that he’s one of the best out there, you’ll see next level.”

What to expect from Missouri transfer forward Trevon Brazile, Arkansas’ first addition from the transfer portal this spring:


Great article Scottie… I saw some footage of that game against Illinois where he blocked 6 shots. He has such length and quickness. I saw him go from the top of the key to block one of cockburn shot as he spun back into the lane he covered about 10 ft in the blink of an eye and swatted the ball away. He has amazing quickness and such long arms he will be a force especially when he gets a little stronger.

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Yes a great article. Instinct for the game is a great addition for the Hogs.

Welcome young man and just wait the times will last you for a lifetime!!

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