What to expect from South Dakota transfer Stanley Umude

An analysis of Arkansas basketball’s latest splash addition – Stanley Umude, one of the top scorers and most-utilized players in college basketball in recent years:


So exciting!

Thanks for this great article!

I’ve watched two interviews he has done today – one with Aaron Torres and the other with Pig Trail Nation.

In the Pig Trail Nation interview, he was asked if he had ever been to Arkansas, and he said no, even though he played in Bud Walton with his South Dakota team in 2019. Maybe he meant he’s never been here on his own, but I thought that was a bit funny.

Anyway, I really enjoyed his interviews both times. I’m hoping all of these transfers will gel with what’s still here and form a really good team by conference play next season.

I heard Justin Smith say the same thing in an interview, even though he played in BWA at Indiana too. I guess they either figure that doesn’t really count, or all those road games start to run together.

Scottie, you do the best job in the media in providing smart, analytical views and reporting of Arkansas basketball. Thanks as always.

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Indiana played at BWA? I forgot it, too. But, I wasn’t there.

Indiana played at BWA? I forgot it, too. But, I wasn’t there.

Justin scored 3 points in 15 minutes. Butts in seats count was 12,979.

No wonder he transferred out and the coach went kaput.

Justin was given the most minutes at Indiana, I have not read why he transferred out, although that seems to be the thing to do if you graduate and still have eligibility left.

PJ, have you listened to him on the HogPod?

In a nutshell, he felt like his value wasn’t showcased at Indiana. He wanted to go to a system that had a lot more offensive freedom and played in transition a lot.

I’d say it was good decision. He’s in a much better position to make money next season.

No, I had not listened to HogPod. That makes sense. Muss’s system gave him more freedom than what he had at Indiana. Plus I think Trayce Jackson-Davis probably played the role that Justin wanted.

We are lucky Justin decided to transfer and Muss was able to convince him to come here.

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