What time will we know on edwards

He said today. Anyone know the time?

No. He was suppose to go by the Coach Ryan Mahon’s office after taking a final. Hopefully we’ll know something soon.

His coach said Javier is still trying to decide.

When to sign, or where to sign, lol?


I wonder what is causing the hesitation. I sure hope it’s not the ole miss offer, if we can’t beat out ole miss in their current state we are in trouble. I also understand he is weighing other offers too, though. I hope he decides to come we need some help on d.

When it comes down to this kind of last second crap, experience tells me he’s gone. Hope to be surprised, but not banking on it at all.

Feels like Joseph Putu all over again. He probably goes to Baylor on a last second offer

That was my thought as well.

I don’t think Ole Miss is a factor. I think Colorado is the main comp here.

Even with the DC leaving?

Jim Leavitt is leaving Colorado for the Oregon job

That does help the Hogs some, but I think he’s been leaning toward the Buffs.

It just shows how crazy recruiting can be. He was leaning towards Arkansas after his official. Now it’s Colorado.

Jim Jeffcoat is the Def Line Coach at CU

Does Jeffcoat have some sort of long term relationship with Edwards?

Hope he determines he’d like to play in the best conference in college football.

It would be nice to have a DL that demands a double team every time.