What time is game


Not determined yet. Will probably be Monday after all today’s winners have been determined.

I bet they’ll have the times tonight.

The thing is, since we’re down to 4 games each night (Thursday, Friday), all games will be in the evening…either an “early evening” slot, or the later slot. No day games.

So, we will either tip at 6 PM Central, or about 8:45 PM Central (unless there is OT). Those windows have already been defined and scheduled for the games. We just don’t know if we’re in the early or late window.

They usually stagger the starts slightly, I seem to recall, so I would guess the South Region would tip the first game at 6 pm Central and the West would probably be a little later, maybe 6:20 (which is still 4:20 pm in SF).

My guess, if seeding holds, they would have Duke/Texas Tech first to keep all the Duke east coast viewers in the earlier time, and put the Hogs/Gonzaga in the 2nd slot around 8:50 (6:50 local).

Just a total guess, but I am hoping we get to keep our perfect streak going in those “after 8” tips!
I love the late games!

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You should be able to use your TV provider’s on-screen guide to find the windows that are set for Thursday’s games…that’s what I did.

CBS shows game 2 at 8:30 pm and TBS shows game 2 at 8:45, so that does seem to confirm the 15 minute staggered start for game 1 (6:00 and 6:15 central)

As I said, there are - basically - 2 windows. They may be a few minutes apart (staggered), but for planning purposes, you are in window 1 or window 2. That’s the main thing people need to know. It’s not like it was this week, when we might have been on around Noon…around 5…or around 7/8 PM. This coming week is simple.

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