What time is first pitch today.

Does anyone know?


8 p.m.

Thank you.
I will pay attention to the baseball game and check on the basketball game too.

I texted my watch party group that I wasn’t going to the sports bar tonight, as I’d rather watch the baseball game streamed live and record the basketball game, then watch it after baseball.

Can’t say I’ve ever made that choice before - but when there’s been a conflict, most always the baseball game has been one I could replay on WatchESPN - but that’s not the case this time.

It’s been a lousy basketball season - but I’m still watching/supporting the team. Just have to make a choice when they’re both playing at the same time (and - no . . . for me, watching both simultaneously is not an option. I get into the games I watch too deeply to split my concentration like that).

Unfortunately, this is the first time that I have preferred to wait until after the basketball game is over and look at the final score, then if we win I will go home and watch the replay that I have recorded. So sad.