What time does game two today start?


It begins at 3:32 p.m.

Thanks Matt.

So, what do the players do in the 30 minutes between games? Grab some fluids, maybe a small snack? Change uniforms and get back out there?

I’m not even sure they will change uniforms. I think the main consideration is to get them off their feet and hydrated. If they eat anything it will be light, maybe a candy bar or some fruit. Van Horn has talked several times about the team eating a lot of food between games against Kent State last year and getting beat badly in the second game because they were sluggish.

Don’t let them eat anything. We want them to be hungry… :wink:

Yeah, I was thinking fruit or an energy bar or something like that… Just something to fill the old gas tank back up a little bit… But not get them bloated or heavy…