What time and channel for CSU game?

I’m not expecting much so maybe I’ll be happily surprised. What will be everyone’s attitude if Hogs come out and lay a big egg.

11AM Raycom.

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Surely u jest:)

Surely you know?

3 p.m. on SEC Network.

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I’m quite certain that posters who can log on to this site, much less navigate the new board, are capable of using Google to find the time and channel of every football game. I understand it’s a running joke across numerous message boards, and said responses should indicate that jocularity!

College football game times and networks get more media coverage than government budget shortfalls. I don’t know how anyone can miss what time a game begins and what channel it is on.



May not matter if you are a DirectTv/ATT subscriber.

I was watching on my (soon-to-expire) DirecTV last night and saw a warning about that. I got out just in time. (I went to YouTube TV.)

Aloha Matt,

I understand what you wrote and your view. Not trying to be sassy but it is your job to know the various schedules. That’s your swim lane. However, there are a lot of people, especially students and others, who are not aware of schedules. So they reach out to those who do. For example the students Connect portal doesn’t have any athletic schedules or pep rally schedules, etc…which is very disappointing.


Which is exactly why there is a link to the TV schedules in the F.A.Q. thread. I sometimes wonder if anyone ever uses that thread. Oh well, I’ll try to keep it updated anyway.

What? Students know how to get on every social media site in the world, that’s the lamest excuse I’ve every read.

There is no excuse to not be able to search and find when and where a game is on TV. None at all. We can move on now.