What This Game Means

This is a very pivotal game this week. If we win, it can mean a really nice season. It is not the end of the world if we lose, but it makes that “great” season a lot less probable, especially considering what is ahead. Last year, we had that 3 game deal, but we had the A&M game in the bank which took a little of the sting away and made possible The Outback Bowl. I think it means the same this year, perhaps more. Win and we are 4-0 going into Bama game where we get a “free shot”. Lose and there could be some bad times ahead. This is a big, big game.


I think we win it, Jim. We are higher ranked for a reason. I think Briles will/should scheme smarter than against MoSt. He will forego the initial schemed plays if they don’t work. He will not use a shotgun, but go under center, if he is 3-inches from the goal line. He will remind QB and RB that ball security is priority at all times. Etc…

We will win GHG!

The Aggies are talent laden and will likely find their stride at some point, hopefully not this week. If the adage that the team with the better quarterback usually wins rings true, we should have a leg up.

I like our chances. A win would be great in so many ways. Beating Jimbo is so rewarding.


It is significant and pivotal - winning this game is good for recruiting, playing Alabama, the remainder of the season (which will be made more difficult by any previous loss). Oh, and after the App State loss, an Arkansas win Saturday could absolutely destroy the psyche of the A&M’s team and big money people. Lets hope, anyway


I didn’t see any issue with Briles in the MoSt game. 600 yards of offense I’ll take any time. Just hang on to the ball, take more from aggies, and tackle well enough to stop the chunk plays.


I concur. We know the Aggie defense is solid; and our O has not been pressed yet in the prior three games. We will need to execute well, and avoid turnovers. On defense, I fully expect TAMU to be much better this week after focusing on Johnson for two weeks. He can throw a nice ball, when behind a solid line.

Go Hogs.

Winning this game is huge…a top 10 matchup with Bama on national TV the next week, with a ton of recruits and, potentially, Gameday on hand. Go Hogs!

I did. Ran up the middle against a stacked defense for the first several series. Wasn’t until the score was 17-0 before we opened it up a bit.

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You might read the game chart play by play again on that run up the middle.

By and large, IMO, the offense was fine…it was TURNOVERS that stalled our bus in the first half.

After we eliminated those, we cruised (on offense).

Defense against the pass is another story.

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I can only guess that Briles didn’t use the “good stuff” until it was needed with MOST. TAM, I think will see a lot more wrinkles. Just a guess. I think we win if we have no turnovers and their QB doesn’t have all day to throw.


Game could make a good season turn into a great one. Gotta cut down the turnovers and penalties. Gotta get a consistent pass rush or they could shred our secondary. Not worried too much about the offense other than the turnovers and penalties. We’ll score on them. Defense has to step up the next couple of weeks.

I always chuckle at Fred’s attempt at coaching. He’s still got it.


If only we had Fred on the coaching staff when the Allen boys were on the team. If only… :wink:

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Ok, will try it again. Ran scripted plays into a stacked defense. This I know cause I watched it, rite up until we were 17-0 score.

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I thought we threw it several times that called for a run…boils down to and I’ll say it again, play called gains good yardage, great call! Play gets stuffed, bad play call! Simple to evaluate after the fact. :sunglasses:

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