What the Hey?? Our culture??

Listening to Finebaum.
Some caller(s), talking about our culture at Arkansas is that of a dirty program??? The actions of Hannas and Moses was typical of how we play? Did I miss something?

No, they’re missing something.

I might have missed a play or two, but I do not recall Dusty or Moses doing anything like that in the past.

Im not sure that they were commenting specifically on Dusty and Moses, but our program as a whole.
I heard comments stating that we were a program on the rise and playing good basketball, but our culture of dirty play was holding us back somewhat. I could be wrong in how it was represented, but that’s what I took from it.

That’s true.

So reporters figure out how many times Moses has ever done that, or Dusty?

My first thought… don’t listen to Finebaum.

Nonetheless, I suspect it comes from Calaperi’s comments after the game, which I’m pretty sure were similar to comments he made after our earlier game against them… He said that Arkansas always plays physical, grabbing and holding on defense. Coming from another coach I might think that was a compliment, but in his case, he’s lobbying officials for future games against us… more whining from Cal about how his poor little freshman are mistreated.

Here’s the quote from the story…

"Calipari said he expected a physical game from the Razorbacks.

“Arkansas is going to come after you and they’re going to attack and play physical,” Calipari said. "You’re going to get a lot of touches, bumps, grabs.

“I’m not saying it’s good or bad. It’s what they do.” "

Comments: They are right it is a culture, but that culture should be referenced to their media biases and onesideed officiating against schools outside of their network (the traditional southern schools before they expanded) the deck is stacked Hawg fans. The UofA and Mike has churned the waters once again notice has been sent, if you are one of those coaches that finished behind Ark/Mike they are as nervous as a cat stretched out in a room filled with rocking chairs. One thing that is obvious ultimately the quality of basketball will be raised from top to bottom within the SEC. As long as Ark continue to finish in the upper tiers within the SEC. You are going to get immature statements from insecure people such as Paul Finebaum

It’s just KY callers around the world. They are everywhere and they are butt hurt. They don’t like people pushing them around. They are supposed to be the bully. If you bully the bully, then you’re dirty…

Keep crying KY. I hope we see you again in the tourney and get a few more flagrants. Lord know the refs will call it if you cry and you surely will.

Yea, and while the reporters are reporting, go look at DUKE. See how many technicals and flagrants they got this year compared to ARK.

Gimme a break

I called into to Paul F. Show and stayed on hold for over an hour. ESPN promotes Cal and Kentucky ! Where do you think Vitale works! Cal was called yesterday after the selection show for his input just to give him more media! It’s all about money! I will show Vitale a mouse if I ever see him he will be the mouse. He is not blind he saw Dusty’s foul and Mosses’s foul and reacted
He never said a word about Monk’s actions that happened more than once. I hate to see any actions displayed that are unsportsmanlike but I’m also one that will not be run over. The refs and media went anti Arkansas the whole game! Nothing ever changes!

Just win and make NCAA tourneys.

No one really talks about the gray area tecruiting by Kentucky or throat slashes or dirty play - they win and Dickie and others love them for that.

Arkansas just needs to start making NCAAs regularly again and resume its place as all time top twenty to top ten/fifteen program.

Then most will critics will be on board again.

It’s not just the critics or media. The SEC commissioner had a court side seat to that game. He was able to see the one sided affair. This is Wednesday and he has done nothing! When an adult opens their mouth as an announcer they should be held accountable for what they say!
Everyone wants to give Vitale a pass! No he is an adult and he crossed the line.
His words during the game shows who he is. His actions since the game confirm he thinks he did nothing wrong. He thinks that he can say anything he wants too! Apparently he can until someone puts him in his place!
The refs hugging and talking to Kentucky players after the game! Integrity of the game is long gone and moral courage to fight back is what is required to get an equal playing field.
ESPN promotes and recruits for “Cal” and his wildcats.