What the Hell is going on at Ole Miss

Are the wheels completely coming off the bus?
They fire the OC and DC. Then Kiffen leaves to join his bro at FAU and then their WR coach leaves for Indiana. This NCAA BUST has killed their program. Bucky is the only one left!

Kiffin was OC at Bama. No relevance to Ole Miss.

LANE Kiffen was OC at Bama…CHRIS Kiffen has been DL coach at OM since Bucky got there 5 yrs ago. LANE hired CHRIS to be the FAU DC.

Well now that cleared all that up for me. Thanks

that’s one of the problems with our fans, we only know about what occurs within our borders when it comes to the SEC…the rest of the conference knows about the entire SEC…CHRIS KIFFIN has been the DL coach at OM for 5 years…! DA…

Dunno, but it’s getting interesting. NCAA investigation findings are coming.

YEP, they are going DOWN…really & truly, they just got caught doing what Bama & AllBarn have been doing for years!!!

What’s the problem with focusing on our own, instead of the rest of the pack so much? It’s out of our control anyway.

Link on the rest of the SEC knowing the entire SEC, or could it just be your opinion?

Yes, and the results of the investigation won’t be in until AFTER NSD so their class is shot to hell…coaches leaving left & right…

All they need to do is throw some of their dynamic recruiters at the problem. After all they were the 3rd best team in America at the start of the season according to some of our posters.

DA? If you’re going to say it, then say it. Coward.

Look at their recruits , still much better than the hogs.

Not this year, they have 1 4* to our 4 4* .





#37 ranked class according to 24/7 and #47 using their composite…13 total commits…they’re going to have to finish really strong to be anywhere near the level they’ve cheated to get to over the last 4 years or so…

You’re right… if they finish anywhere near the level they have in the past, it might mean they DO recruit well… Bama don’t like it when you beat them 2x in a row… I think they will be mired in a tailspin for several years to come till they “give up” on Bucky & move in a different direction… they’ve now lost 4 off their staff. And their new OC, Phil Longo, has ZERO D-1 experience… Bucky is desperate!!!