What teams in SEC have their s*** together?


Who else?

Bama and Georgia are the obvious leaders and should play for a great SEC championship and maybe both will be in the NC quadrant.

Auburn is next, but has offensive problems.

Then there’s everybody else who will split up all the minor bowls. All have problems, but any one of them could get hot the last few games.

I’d say Auburn is looking pretty salty. I didn’t think they’d manhandle Miss St. the way they did today. I thought that would be a pretty even matchup.

It looks like Our game against LSU could be a W for the hogs and the game next week against the chickens.

After today I sure wish the hogs were in the SEC East.

AU (their DL is nasty)

Those 3 look like top 10 teams teams. I hate to say it, too, bc I can’t stand AU.

Having watched the first five weeks, it seems that there’s a whole lot of teams in the country that look like us. I know this is about the SEC, but looking across the country I think there are only a handful of really good teams (Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, perhaps Oklahoma, maybe Michigan). I think a lot of teams are having to outscore teams because their defenses are not great. Teams that can play defense will have a chance to win quite a bit. As for the SEC, it appears Bama, Georgia and Auburn at the top and everybody else are week-to-week. Remember when we thought Mississippi State was an absolute loss? Not so much now…

It looks to me like there is a pretty sizable gap between Alabama, Georgia, Auburn and everyone else. I think Auburn is probably a notch below Alabama and Georgia, but we’ll find out in November.

I still think Texas A&M is a good team, but not at the level of those other three.

GA & Bama.



The rest are not very good and are certainly should not be wearing that SEC patch.

the dominance of the SEC has ended for the time being.
watching the games so far… the SEC actually looks bad.
below most of other major conferences i would say.

there are going to be 4 or 5 new coaches next year…


I wish I’d read this thread before I posted a similar one a few minutes ago. SEC Now commentators believe it’s Bama, UGA, & AU then everyone else. Hard to argue with that.

LSU and Arkansas coaches have large buyouts so change is not likely. Agree with TAM, Tenn, Ole Miss and Mizzou likely looking at changes. Look at fan attendance is starting to be indicator of support at place on hot seat.

Bama best by far, next are Georgia and Auburn . These are best by far mainly due to depth and speed these there three have on defense and all have running games.

Florida is team to keep eye on for the next level if QB can settle in.

TAM will lose 3-4 more games, Bama, Auburn, Florida, and MsU can defend Mond.

LSU will struggle more than I thought last week as there are other issues there besides the O and D line talent and depth. Playing a lot of freshmen and best two players not involved right now.

You bring up an excellent point about Defense and that everyone seems to have a good offense. The good teams right now are the only ones with a good defense, so that is the separation.

The team that I have watched that I really like is Penn State. There is a bunch of experience there and the Nittany Lions may have the single best player in football. Saquon Barkley is really good.

The computers don’t agree. Sagarin still has the SEC West as the number one division in college football with the East coming in 9th. The top-40 of the Massey composite computer rankings indicates that the SEC, ACC, and Big 10 are about even with a significant drop afterwards.

It looks to me that there are three or four dominant teams and then four or five others that are a clear notch better than the rest followed by a large scrum of flawed teams with not much separation. TCU is #10 in the composite rankings. We are #63. If we had made a play or two on O in the second half, we could have taken them down.

It’s interesting to see everyone base their answers on who they think can win, but my question was intended to bring in the depth of the FBI investigation as well as the current coach at the particular school. Does that change anyone’s answer. I don’t think AU belongs in this group because of cheating. I don’t think AM belongs in this group because it’s coach is a mess. I really don’t think there’s a team in the SEC other than UGA or BAMA that wouldn’t fire its coach in the next year or be subject to investigation. Does anyone disagree. My point is that the SEC, not just Arkansas is a complete mess.