What style of play is the best fit for the Razorbacks?

I’m not sure what style of play would be best for the Hogs, considering the limitations on signing top recruiting classes.

The Hogs have the same problem a lot of schools in this conference do. They recruit really well when you compare them to most schools in the country. But a good chunk of the top ten in recruiting every year is in their conference, and these schools do it year after year. And, they consistently sign the best linemen.

Seems you have to run a scheme that lets you compete against teams full of future NFL defensive players and beat them now and again.

The spread, with the right QB, can be an equalizer. JMO


we are gonna get a few very good players
not a whole team of them.

the pass happy offenses can score points with more average players at multiple positions combined with great scheme.

it takes a whole team of them probably two deep on line and and maybe LB for a dominant defense

takes much less to have “dominant” offense. score points and you are rarely going to lose to the coastal carolinas of the world and can be competitive more often than not… and we have seen that is especially the case with a “dual threat” qb.

someone used to say “feed the studs”
i took it to mean what i described above.
win enough and the recruiting gets better and you can begin to fill the defensive stable with all those studs on that side of the ball too

bottom line : i believe it takes fewer “studs” to have great offense than defense

also it deserves mentioning that many a defensive coach can bring in that kind of offense too.

we need to catch lightening in a bottle.
the right guy could do it multiple ways i believe

The test equalizer in today’s game, is a mobile qb.

We need a mobile QB, with more of a spread offense.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have to play defense though, we need to field a consistent top 30 defense. That’s what will win you that extra game or two a year.

I think things will be better in the future. There’s been a lot of stubborn mistakes made, in the past for the next coach to learn from. The recipe for success is there, if they want to take it and build on it, and learn from others mistakes.

We will see.

Seems to me, the whole style thing is overblown. In looking at the most consistent weakness for the Hogs during the past five years it has been defensively. Even more specific, our defensive secondary has probably been the biggest concern. Based on the suggested weaknesses, one might conclude that a ball control offense that keeps the defense off the field might be preferable.

Bingo. Defense. Ours is bad. Very bad.
That is our #1 problem.