What style of play can we expect?

I dont watch a lot of ball outside of Arkansas. Solid defense? Up tempo? Pick and roll? Zone defense?

I read his team averaged 80. Pts a game

I’ve been doing a lot of looking at Musselman’s teams at Nevada on KenPom, and one thing they did well offensively was take care of the ball. His last three teams were top-15 nationally in offensive turnover rate, which is fantastic. In 2017-18, the year Nevada went to the Sweet 16, it was No. 1 at 13.5 percent. His last three teams averaged between 69-70 possessions per game, which falls in line with Mike Anderson’s teams’ pace in his eight years. His two most recent teams were top 25 in offensive efficiency - No. 7 in 2017-18.

Defensively, Musselman’s teams don’t turn opponents over at the rate Anderson’s did but have done well keeping opponents off the offensive glass and defended the 3 at a high level - top 15 in two of his four seasons.

This year’s Nevada team outrebounded opponents by about 2.5 per game. The Sweet 16 team was outrebounded by 0.8 per game. When they did force turnovers this year, though, they were pretty good at converting them into points, more than 1.5 points per turnover. They averaged 6.2 steals per game, steals being more likely to lead to points at the other end. Almost 60% of their forced turnovers were steals; our steals made up almost exactly half of forced turnovers this season.

Yeah but do they hedge on ball screens Scottie?

Just kidding. Defending the 3 gets me all hot and bothered

Ha! Good one. I’m excited to learn more from Musselman about characteristics of his teams and what can be expected on both ends. FWIW, found a video today of former Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale talking about Musselman as an innovative offensive coach.


Good to read this. I would like to see it live with my own eyes, but I like what I am reading. So far, I am sold on this guy. Good hire.

Vamos! Go Hogs!